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Why Is Rebekah Jones Son Arrested? Meet Her Husband Jacob Romer And Family

Rebekah Jones

The news of Rebekah Jones’s 13-year-old son’s imprisonment has gone viral on the internet. She was once Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard’s data scientist.

Jones used to work on Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard as a data scientist.

When Jones was removed from her job in 2020 for allegedly manipulating COVID-19 data to minimize the severity of the epidemic in Florida, the story went viral.

Following her termination, she developed the COVID-19 dashboard, which offered more precise data on the state’s pandemic.

Jones has been an outspoken critic of Florida’s response to the outbreak, charging that the state’s officials prioritized politics before public health.

In the COVID-19 pandemic reaction, Jones has gained notoriety and drawn criticism and appreciation for her deeds and remarks.

Why Is the Son of Rebekah Jones Arrested?

Jones’ son was taken into custody and accused of “felony computer crimes” in connection with a state website hack that occurred in 2019.

Jones said that her son was singled out as a result of her campaigning and denied any role in the alleged crime. On April 6, 2023, she tweeted about the arrest.

In only three hours, the Tweet received a large number of views and widespread attention. “They aren’t letting him come home tonight,” the writer stated. They took my son hostage.

Many of them have shown her support and expressed their opinions over the arrest of a 13-year-old child with autism.

The 13-year-old boy’s case has not yet been resolved; the investigation is still underway. After a thorough inquiry, maybe additional case details will become available.

Introducing Rebekah Jones’s Spouse, Jacob Romer Jones is wed to Jacob Romer, with whom he has two children. In the middle of 2018, a daughter and a 13-year-old son were born.

Jacob has made the decision to keep his wife out of the spotlight and has not participated in the current legal matter. He would rather keep his private life private and keep his actions out of the press.

Rebekah had sexual contact in her office with a student called Sweeterman, according to court filings. This is against the rules at most colleges, including Florida State University, where she worked at the time.

The size of the student’s genitalia and the physical feelings she had throughout the interaction are among the information.

According to Jones, the connection led to a pregnancy, and in 2018 she gave birth to a daughter called Evelyn. She still resides with her spouse and their two kids in spite of this.

Details about Rebekah Jones’ family

Although her parents’ identity is unknown to the general world, the report states that on April 12, 2021, tornadoes in Mississippi destroyed Jones’ parents’ home.

They got $6,565 in contributions after their home was demolished, but no more details about her parents’ present circumstances were provided.

Despite having moved to two separate places, she looked to be linked to and had a strong connection with her parents.

However, Jones’s parents have not discussed it openly and have not been active in her case.

Jones’s parents have chosen to withhold their personal details from her close friend or any other family member.

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