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William Bouchard | All About Eugenie Bouchard Brother | Family Details

William Bouchard

The last U.S. Open qualifying match piqued viewers’ interest in Eugenie Bouchard’s brother, William Bouchard. While tennis prodigy Eugenie has gained international attention for her amazing achievements on the court, William has remained a mystery.

Let’s look at William Bouchard’s life and background to learn more about the guy who has been a continuous presence in Eugenie’s journey. Professional tennis player Eugenie “Genie” Bouchard has been one of Canada’s finest women’s singles players over the last decade.

In 2014, Bouchard became the first Canadian player to reach the final of a major singles event. In 2014, she finished runner-up at Wimbledon. She also advanced to the semifinals of the 2014 Australian and French Opens. In October 2014, Bouchard attained a career-high ranking of world No. 5. She was the first Canadian to be ranked in the top five in singles.

Meet Eugenie Bouchard Brother William Bouchard

In the glittering world of sports, the spotlight is typically put on the athletes themselves, leaving the supporting cast in the shadows. William Bouchard, Eugenie Bouchard’s younger brother and the Canadian tennis star’s younger sibling, is one such lesser-known figure.

William Bouchard was born on June 1, 1999, in Montreal, Canada, as the youngest of four Bouchard siblings. William was named after Prince William of Wales, the son of Michel Bouchard and Julie Leclair. His friendship with Eugenie and the other sisters has had a profound effect on their lives.

The Bouchard brothers were inseparably close as children, and their friendship has lasted the test of time. Even though they were all interested in sports as kids, it was mostly for fun. Willam used to play tennis before discovering hockey. William began playing basketball in college after previously playing tennis, according to his Instagram feed.

While Eugenie’s talent was obvious from a young age, William kept his dreams to himself. Regardless, William will graduate from McGill University in 2022 with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, a tremendous accomplishment.

Sibling Supportive Bond

Eugenie has made a name for herself in the athletic world. Her brother, William, has been extremely supportive throughout her journey. They have a close sibling bond and have been seen encouraging each other on multiple occasions. Eugenie made a series of postings congratulating her brother on his 2022 graduation. “So proud,” one of the stories said. “You’re my little engineer.”

Similarly, in June, the tennis star wished his brother “Willy” a happy birthday with images that contrasted their transformations. In addition, William’s Instagram account contains numerous images of his sister. They’ve covered everything from a family outing to concerts around the country.

William stood at Eugenie’s side while her tennis career took off, bringing a sense of normalcy in the professional tennis world’s excitement. Eugenie’s presence in William’s life has given her with a strong support network, emphasizing the value of family support.

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