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Yanfei Bao Kids: Meet Her Daughter And Family

Yanfei Bao

Online, Yanfei Bao Kids news is widely available. Continue reading this article through to the end if you want additional information about her family.

The last known sighting of Yanfei Bao, a real estate agent in Christchurch, occurred on July 19, 2023. Bao was allegedly last seen in the Christchurch, New Zealand, neighborhood of Hornby.

Bao disappeared two weeks ago while knocking on doors on Wigram’s Vickerys Road. Police are now handling the situation as a murder investigation after charging a guy with kidnapping her.

Her family advised coming forward as soon as possible if you have any information that might help authorities find Bao.

Aside from that, Yanfei was scheduled to see a prospective buyer of a house on Trevor St., Hornby, where her vehicle was last seen.

Meet Her Daughter, Yanfei Bao Kids

Since Yanfei Bao went missing on July 19, 2023, the kids have attracted a lot of interest from the public and are the subject of several inquiries.

Her kid, whose name has not been disclosed to the public, is the proud daughter of a proud mother. Several websites state that Bao’s daughter is nine years old.

Furthermore, it seems that the youngster goes by the moniker Momo; her name may not have been disclosed for privacy reasons. The kid, meanwhile, is the result of her previous union with Tianshu Cai. 2020 saw her ex-husband Cai travel from China to Christchurch.

In addition, Bao’s whole family is concerned about her absence. Later that day, when she did not pick up her kid from after-school care, she was reported missing

Further Information About Yanfei Bao’s Family Life

Since Yanfei Bao is a close family member, her absence worries everyone. Two days after Bao disappeared, her parents and sister found out about her absence.

Her parents also made their first trip to New Zealand at the time of Bao’s disappearance. So, in order to pay for the costs, a fundraising was also organized.

Her family is originally from China, too. Bao is thus of Chinese ancestry. Other than that, she migrated to New Zealand in January 2018 from the Chinese province of Zhejiang.

Bao also earned a postgraduate certificate in business management. Yanfei, meanwhile, had lately switched occupations and was working for Harcourts when she vanished.

Yanfei Bao’s husband: Who Is He?

Paul Gooch and Yanfei Bao were wed, and they shared a home in Avonhead, Christchurch. Everyone offered the family a lot of support, and they even expressed gratitude to everyone who was involved.

Bao’s family thanked everyone and provided an update on the case in a statement issued by the police on their behalf. Bao’s husband exhorts everyone to return home and tell everyone they care about how much they are loved and appreciated at that moment.

Other than that, nobody knows exactly when Bao and Gooch tied the knot. It is verifiable, yet, they were leading happy lives.

Furthermore, Bao’s close friend is concerned since she hasn’t been located since going missing in July 2023. Further developments as the investigation proceeds will be released shortly.

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