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Yoo Seung-Ho Is Rumored To Be The Main Lead Actor

Yoo Seung-Ho

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The well-known Korean actor Yoo Seung-Ho could make a comeback with a fresh K-drama. The deal, a new drama based on a webtoon of the same name, will star Yoo Seung-Ho as its lead, according to a story published on Xportsnews on October 26.

The veracity of the claim was confirmed by a representative of Yoo Seung-agency, Ho’s YG Entertainment, who also stated that the actor has received an offer to appear in the webtoon-based drama, which he is now evaluating favorably.

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Three former high school pals named Jun Sung, Jae Hyo, and Min Woo reunite to grab drinks at the start of the webtoon. The plot thickens as Jun Sung and Jae Hyo act as though they had kidnapped Min Woo. The three friends experience numerous problems as a result of their trickery game.

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Future K-drama starring Yoo Seung-Ho will be directed by Lee Jung-Gon

The next webtoon-based K-drama starring Yoo Seung-Ho from I’m Not a Robot will be directed by the well-known director Lee Jung-Gon. The Watcha’s Pick: Featured Film Award for Not Out was recently given to Lee Jung-Gon, the filmmaker of ground-breaking Korean movies like Not Out and The Distance Between Us.

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The deal, a crime thriller, was written by Woonam20. In the 2020 NAVER webtoon and web novel competition, the webtoon won the Excellence Award.

The author had never published a work before. The upcoming concert is eagerly anticipated due to several factors.

The drama is probably going to be an interesting story because of its realistic and biting character portraits, unexpected narrative twists, and surprising new happenings. The dramatization of the webtoon has generated a lot of buzzes.

Yoo Seung-Ho is a well-known actor and model from South Korea who rose to fame in several well-liked K-dramas. In 1999, the young actor who played The Memorist started his acting career.

One of his most popular roles as a young actor was his performance in the popular movie The Way Home. He entered the entertainment industry as a result, and it helped him become a well-known child actor. He appeared in several follow-up movies after the 2002 movie was a blockbuster.

Yoo Seung-Ho made his adult acting debut in the drama series Flames of Desire on MBC in 2010. Kim Min-Jae, a married 21-year-old man, was portrayed by the actor, who was only 17 years old at the time.

In the television show, he shared the screen with Seo Woo, who played his wife. He last appeared in the KBS television program Moonshine, which debuted in 2021. The deal, an eight-episode K-drama, will be produced by Wavve.

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