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Yousef Saleh Erakat | Illness And Health

Yousef Saleh Erakat

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American content maker and streamer Yousef Saleh Erakat is known by the handle FouseyTube, or just Fousey. 

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On his YouTube channel, he produces hilarious sketches, vlogs, interviews, and parodies.

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In addition, he oversees two more channels, Fousey and DoseOfFousey.

On August 6, 2023, he met a drunken lady who had been a victim of sex trafficking while doing a Twitch webcast at an airport.

He and the woman kissed and flirted for a while before they went for around twenty minutes. Following his bragging about their sex, Erakat came under fire.

At first he claimed the whole thing was a joke, but thereafter he felt guilty, sobbing and cutt,ing the broadcast short.

Then, after receiving a lot of bad feedback, he made the decision to step away from Twitch, citing mental health issues as the cause of hidecidedoing On With Fouseytube? Is He Ill?

How is Fouseytube doing? One well-known streamer and content developer is Fouseytube.

Yousef Erakat has an innately humorous personality that makes people chuckle when they come across his stuff.

As a digital artist on YouTube, he has a unique energy that connects with his growing fan base, especially with his hilarious online jokes that never fail to make people laugh.

But under the surface of his upbeat personality, Erakat has struggled with depression and bipolar illness.

These complicated illnesses can cause dramatic mood swings, from great emotional highs to protracted depressive episodes.

Notably, bipolar disorder is a severe mental illness that has to be managed with caution.

Fortunately, there are efficient therapies for bipolar illness, such as medication and therapy together.

People like Erakat can acquire coping mechanisms and other methods to get over their emotional struggles by attending counseling.

Illness Fouseytube 2023

Popular YouTuber FouseyTUBE, whose real name is Yousef Saleh Erakat, said at the beginning of 2017 that he was taking a break from the platform, citing issues with his mental health and personal troubles.

Fousey revealed that he was exhausted, struggling within, and in need of a break from the constant obligations of being a public person and YouTube.

He also mentioned how much stress he was under from people criticizing and being negative about his work.

It was during this low time, Fousey said, that he was finding it difficult to maintain his online image and produce consistently original work.

When Fousey finally returned to YouTube after a few months away, he declined to provide any information about what had happened in private at that time.

Although Fousey was unexpectedly open about his mental health in the beginning before departing, it is still unknown how long he took off.

Health Fouseytube 2023

Yousef “FouseyTube” Erakat has been transparent about his continuous struggles with bipolar disease, addiction, anxiety, and sadness.

Additionally, he has openly disclosed these hardships to his viewers in his vlogs, informing them of his illness.

On his YouTube channel, Fousey has not held back when sharing his weaknesses regarding managing his bipolar condition, anxiety, substance abuse, and sadness.

His unvarnished candor sheds light on the struggles he has every day to manage serious health issues.

Nonetheless, he manages his mental health condition by taking medicine and adhering to a balanced regimen.

Moreover, his supporters and admirers offer up prayers for his well-being and provide him with emotional support through their comments on his videos.

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