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Zainab Abbas Married Life And Kids | Meet Husband Hamza Kardar

Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas is a well-known sports presenter, analyst, and television personality. She was born on February 14, 1988. Zainab worked as a makeup artist till 2015.

She was highlighted on Dunya News during the 2015 Cricket World Cup, and her career took off. Abbas worked as a correspondent for Dunya News during the Pakistan national cricket team’s 2016 tour to England.

In addition, the presenter has appeared on BBC’s Test Match Special. She hosted her show, “Cricket Dewangi,” on Dunya News from 2016 until 2018. Zainab has also been a regular presenter for the Pakistan Super League and the Abu Dhabi T20 since 2016. Previously, she worked for TEN Sports, Star Sports, and Sony.

Who Is Zainab Abbas’s Husband?

Zainab Abbas’s husband is Hamza Kadar. The pair exchanged wedding vows on a lovely day in Lahore. The couple looked gorgeous and simple in white and gold. The Pakistani broadcaster also looked lovely in a Saadia Mirza ensemble. Zainab’s wedding makeup was done by Zara Gul, a well-known makeup artist.

During her wedding, she appeared like a princess, and her wedding gown inspired everyone. Following their marriage announcement, fans and followers flooded the newlyweds with heartfelt congratulations and well wishes. Many Pakistani celebrities, including singer Aima Biag, praised the commenter’s stunning wedding outfit.

Shaniera Akram also offered sympathy to the family. Their past is what sets them apart. Zainab was raised in a cricketing family, although her husband is the son of a Pakistani economist. Mrs. Zainab and Mr. Hamza bridged the gap between sports and politics. The couple has been content since their marriage.

Zainab Abbas’s Married Life

Zainab Abbas, a well-known television host and sports presenter, has been married to her Husband for over three years. In addition, the television host documented a great moment on Instagram. She posted a picture of her and her partner celebrating three years of love, respect, and gratitude.

Her sincere request symbolizes the love and happiness in their marriage. The positive attitude displayed by the anchor’s admirers and well-wishers is mirrored in their comments. The Pakistani couple has also received sincere greetings on their wedding anniversary. Many people wished them luck and happiness.

He’s had the pal for a long time. They provide each other with strength and joy. The host’s wife must be devoted and thoughtful. Furthermore, Zainab Abbas’ husband, Hamza, must be a kind and understanding partner in her life.

Zainab Abbas Kids

Zainab Abbas and her spouse, Hamza Kardar, welcomed their first child on December 7, 2021. Taimur Hamza Kardar is the name they chose for their baby. The happy occasion was announced on the pundit’s Instagram account. She shared a sweet snapshot of herself and her newborn child.

The sports presenter followed the photograph with emotive sentiments. She was pleased to announce the birth of a new family member, according to the message. In September 2021, the TV star disclosed her pregnancy on Instagram. She referred to her child as her “travel partner” during the year.

Mrs. Kardar also highlighted her pregnancy experience, from the early stages to her commitment to work throughout this period. Following her child’s birth, the Pakistani commentator’s Instagram account has been flooded with gorgeous photos of her youngster.

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