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Zak Williams- Net Worth, Wife, Height, Career

Zak Williams

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Zak Williams is a well-known actor, model, businessman, investor, manager, consultant, editor, media figure, and social media celebrity from California, USA (born April 11, 1983; age 38).

His performances in movies and TV shows like Slow Your Roll: Extreme Comedy, The Graduates, and others have made him well-known.

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He is the offspring of the late comedian Robin Williams. On July 21, 2021 (Wednesday), the day his father Robin Williams would have been 70, Zak gave a speech. He described the suffering and challenges his father faced after receiving a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

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In addition, he co-founded PYM, which stands for “Prepare Your Mind,” and is a well-known businessman. He gave the clients advice on matters about their mental health. He cooks for his family and kids and is a certified chef.

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Williams is a renowned investor as well. He has invested in several businesses, including Yumi, Florence Health, OpenTrack, Défoncé, Brandless Inc., and The Ticket Fairy, among others. He also offered well-known firms development advice.

Zak Williams Salary

Through his numerous employment, Zak Williams is generating a sizable income. He would make between $30 to $40k (roughly) from his investments and consulting activities. His acting job, which is reported to be about USD 15-20k, also pays handsomely for him (approx.).

He receives a regular payment from his firm, possibly in the amount of USD 40-45k (approx.). He has a comfortable home where he enjoys a luxurious lifestyle with his wife and kids. As of December 2022, his projected US net worth ranges from $14 million to $16 million.

Williams, Zak Biography

On April 11, 1983, in San Francisco, California, United States, Zak Williams was born. He currently makes his home in the American city of Los Angeles, California. His full name is Zachary Pym Williams. His birthdate indicates that he is an Aries, which is the sign of the ram.

After completing his undergraduate studies, he enrolled in New York University for his Ph.D. studies. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Linguistics from him. To obtain his Master of Business Administration, he also enrolled at Columbia Business School. In addition, Le Cordon Bleu Paris awarded him a Certificate in Cuisine.

Williams was the child of Valerie Velardi and Robin Williams (mother). In 1978, Robin and Valerie got married. Having been married for eleven years, they got divorced in 1988. The second husband of Valerie Velardi is Ricky Fataar.

On the other side, Marsha Garces Williams and Susan Schneider were his second wives. Valerie Velardi first met Robin while serving drinks at a bar. Dancer Velardi is well-known in California and has appeared in several settings.

The only child of Robin Williams and Valerie Velardi was named Zak Williams. Additionally, he has three stepsiblings. Francesca Fataar and Zelda Williams are his half-sisters. Famous American actress Zelda Williams is from the country.

The name of his stepbrother is Alan Williams. He is a popular American actor and model as well. Zak, in contrast, is a Christian who is white.

Wife and Marriage of Zak Williams

Zak Williams wed Alex Mallick-Williams in 2008. The pair separated in 2018 after roughly ten years of marriage. Their divorce’s cause is still a mystery. They are childless as a couple.

Williams was dating Olivia June at the time. She founded the Hey Vina corporation, which advocates for the empowerment of all women around the world, and is a successful businesswoman. The couple was hitched on October 10, 2020. Their family lives in a comfortable house with them.

The couple’s son, McLaurin “Mickey” Clement Williams, was born on May 22, 2019. Additionally, the couple recently welcomed a beautiful daughter called Zola June Williams into the world. He said this about his son’s age:

My fourth year of sobriety is currently. Four years ago, I would not have believed it if you had asked me if I thought life could be much better.


Williams ,He started working as an assistant producer at Electronics Arts in 2003, according to his LinkedIn profile. He spent around four years working for them before joining Always Hungry NY as an editor.

Additionally, he has held positions as director of marketing at Moon Express and consultant at Primary Creative. He has worked in a variety of roles during his career.

In February 2017, Zak started his investment career with the Beboe Company, which was eventually bought by GTI. He also made a three-year investment in Brandless that same year. At Défoncé, Florence Health, Crossing Minds, and other businesses, he served as an advisor and investor.

He also contributed money to firms like Yumi, The Ticket Fairy, Bloom Farms, Relief Technologies, and others. Similar to this, he provided advice to, Antler, Journify, Loop, Humanity, and several more businesses. Among the businesses he is currently funding are Pattern, Open Track, Framework, and Open Nest.

He and his wife, Olivia June, established the PYM firm in 2019. (Prepare Your Minds). He reportedly started this business to kick his drinking addiction. On the other side, he provides advice and dietary supplements to help with mental disease, stress, and anxiety.

Amino Acids, which are good for one’s health, are found in PYM products, which have medical certification. Products from nature are among them. In addition, Williams supports his wife Olivia June in running her women’s friendship app company, Hey Vina.

Williams made his cinematic debut in 2007 with the comedy movie “Slow Your Roll: Extreme Comedy,” directed by Anthony Maddox, according to Williams’ IMDB biography. He shared a supporting role alongside Sam Ghosh, Dennis L.A. White, and Victor Cruz. He had a role in the 2008 movie “The Graduates.” He played Mike Resniski in this movie.

The movie also has appearances by Blake Merriman, Josh Adam Davis, Holly Lynn Ellis, Rob Bradford, Lena Hall, Tom Cryan, and other actors.

Entertainment Tonight, The Sad Life of Hunter Keith, Good Morning America Weekend Edition, Extra with Billy Bush, The Me You Can’t See, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, and other shows and documentaries have all included Zak in them.

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