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Zia Dantes | Meet Her Parents Marian Rivera And Dingdong Dantes

Zia Dantes

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Zia Dantes is a child celebrity. As the daughter of Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, she ascended to fame. Zia garnered widespread popularity throughout the Philippines after her first baby picture went viral on social media.

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On a Vietnamese website, she is described as the most beautiful infant in all of Asia, and she has had her own identity from an early age.

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Age of Ziz Dates: How old is she?

Zia Dante was born in Makati City on November 23, 2015, and is seven years old in 2022 under the assumed name Maria Letizia.

Filipina, dubbed “Zia,” is the first child of her parents and has been featured on the Instagram account of her family.

According to modern parenting, the family commemorated Zia’s sixth birthday in 2012 with a room filled with adorable teddy bears, balloons, and cake.

The mother of Dante shared a photo of Zia with her diploma and extended her congratulations. Her parents are extremely supportive of their daughter.

According to teammates, the parents want their daughter to pursue her idea and ambition when she is older, but they want her to complete her education first.

The Dantes family celebrated Zia’s first birthday by bringing her to the location of the couple’s first date, and she celebrated each subsequent birthday in a different manner.

Who is the father of Zia Dantes?

Zia Dantes was born to her father, Dingdong Dantes, who has provided for her since she was born.

Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, director, presenter, and print and commercial model who was born in Quezon City, Philippines, on August 2, 1980.

According to IMDB, he is also a film producer who is an exclusive asset of GMA Network, the founding chairman of YesPinoy Foundation, and the manager of his film studio, AgostoDos Pictures.

The actor graduated from San Beda College and Ateneo de Manila University with a bachelor’s degree. Regarding his appearance, he is 5 feet 11 inches tall with dark brown irises.

According to the source’s brief biography, Dingdong began his career as a child model, appearing in a commercial at the age of two and being cast in an episode of Shake, Rattle, and Roll V at the age of 14.

The producer rated high on Cosmopolitan magazine’s list of eligible bachelors and was selected by the Entertainment network as one of the top five sexiest men in the world.

He has posted numerous pictures and recordings related to his daughter, whom he adores and supports. Even though he was away from home for an extended period, he posted a video of himself and 6-year-old Zia on her birthday.

Meet Marian Rivera, the mother of Zia Dantes

Zia Rivera, a Filipino recording artist, actress, and commercial model, is the daughter of Marian Rivera. She was born in Madrid, Spain on August 12, 1984.

According to Yahoo, Marian has two children with Dingdong, a daughter named Maria Letizia Gracia Dantes and a son named Jose Sixto Gonzalez.

Her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Darna, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife are well-known. The Actress frequently posts photos and updates about her daughter’s life on Instagram.

According to prominent people, the actress was one of the Top 20 endorsers in 2011 and one of FHM Magazine’s Sexiest Women in 2008, 2013, and 2014. She set a record with three internet and SMS victories.

The model received her elementary and secondary education from Saint Francis of Assisi College System and her bachelor’s degree in psychology from De La Salle University.

Rivera, the child actress, has acquired a large number of fans and followers at a young age and has received the award for best dressed multiple times.

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