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Aine Coutinho And Philippe Coutinho Are Delightfully Married

Aine Coutinho

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Aine Coutinho, who was born in Portugal, is best known as the wife of Philippe Coutinho, a professional footballer currently on loan from Barcelona to Aston Villa. His former teams were Inter Milan and Liverpool. Both Aine and Philippe are Brazilian citizens.

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Their love tale began when she asked her future husband to be her boyfriend; Aine and Philippe are childhood sweethearts. In 2007, Philippe was 14 years old when the duo first met. A mutual acquaintance met them at the party, where they ended up speaking for several hours.

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Aine was the one who initiated the relationship by asking him to be her boyfriend.

Due to their proximity, they began to see each other more frequently and began to explore locations together. The bond that appeared out of nowhere grew more intense with time.

She ultimately ended up living with Phillippe’s parents. In 2012, following five years of dating, she wed her partner. The ceremony took place in Milan, Italy.

Three-child mother

Aine is a loving mother to her three children, Maria, Esmeralda, and Jose Coutinho. In December 2021, their eldest daughter Maria will be six years old and their youngest son Jose will be one.

Before his second daughter Esmeralda was born, Philippe tattooed her image on one of his biceps. On his right forearm is a tattoo of his eldest daughter, Maria.

She contributes significantly to her spouse’s accomplishments

Aine has been a pillar of support for her husband since the beginning of his career, accompanying him across the globe. She rearranged her entire schedule for her husband and was always there for emotional support during his difficult years.

Philippe disclosed in an interview that Aine plays a crucial part in all of his endeavors. She was just 17 years old when she moved in with her sweetheart, adapting to the local norms in the process.

What signifies her tattoo?

Like her spouse Coutinho, she has numerous tattoos on various parts of her body. As soon as she and Coutinho were in Italy, she got a little star tattoo.

Her second tattoo depicts her close relationships with her cousin’s brothers. They wrote “Ao infinite alem” in Portuguese, which translates to “To Infinity and Beyond.” The next tattoo on her ring finger is the letter “P” for Philippe.

She then got a tattoo of flowers. She has tattooed her wedding date XIII. XII.XII, i.e., July 13, 2012, with two rings that have faded and been covered with a heart.

Later, she engraved two more enormous wedding bands on the side. After the birth of her daughter Maria, she engraved an eternal love symbol. She subsequently tattooed the names of her three children, Maria, Esmeralda, and Jose, once they were born.

Additionally, the time 08:02 is imprinted on Aine, representing the time she began dating. She has a symbol of an airplane, implying that she has traveled extensively since she began dating Philippe.

The tattoo she cherishes symbolizes her personality and inspires her; it is followed by the inscription “Be Strong, Be Happy, Be Brave, Be Wise, Be Kind.” “May God’s will be done” is written on her other arm.

She sketched a map of Brazil with a heart in Rio and Philippe’s name on the back as a token of her devotion to her native land. She got a tattoo of a boat on her arm to memorialize the vacation she took with Philippe.

Philippe has inked the letter “K” for the king of hearts, while she has inked the letter “Q” for the queen. The couple then tattooed a family portrait, but their child is absent.

According to Aine, they are awaiting the arrival of the tattoo artist so that he may complete the family image. She also has tattoos of a lion and a butterfly. “Seja Luz Onde Deus te Colocar” is carved on one of her legs, which translates to “be light where God places you.”

She reported having it on her legs due to her constant motion. Aine thinks that wherever we go, we must be a source of illumination for others. She acknowledged her family by writing her parents’ and brothers’ names.

She has a Minnie illustration on her other leg. Philippe has an image of Mickey in his stomach. The parents got tattoos so they could see their daughter Maria smile.

A person who places family above all else

The Brazilian actor is a devoted family man who places family above anything else. He recognizes their contributions to his accomplishments and never fails to express his gratitude.

As a kind of remembrance, he has tattooed the names of his parents, children, wife, and two brothers on different parts of his body.

His family followed him around until they were elderly and had trouble adapting to new cities and cultures. They have returned to Brazil, where they remain engaged. Philippe acknowledged sharing everything with his family.

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