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Alan Silva | Wife Bethany Nordstorm, Marital Life, And Net Worth

Alan Silva

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The wife of Brazilian aerialist Alan Silva is Bethany Nordstorm. They have two gorgeous children and have been together for a while.

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Aerialist Alan Silva became well-known after appearing on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent. He was one of the season’s top five finalists.

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For America’s Got Talent: All Stars, which is scheduled to debut on NBC on January 2, 2023, the gifted individual retires.

On AGT season 15, Alan was one of the early standouts. The Brazilian aerialist, 38, dazzled the judges with his first audition when he defied gravity and flew into the air.

Given that he is already famous, why not go further into his personal life and discover obscure details?

Who is Bethany Nordstorm, the wife of Alan Silva? Family Life And Children

Alan Silva, a reality television personality, is a devoted husband and father. He met Bethany Nordstorm, his devoted wife, while working on the Zumanity television program.

At the time, Alan Silva’s wife was employed by the clothing division. The two met while shopping. A participant on America’s Got Talent: All-Star once admitted that he believed his wife would never love him as much as he loves her.

But he was mistaken. He was informed by Bethany how much she loved him. A few years ago, the couple walked down the aisle after falling in love right away. They’ve been having a good time together ever since.

The couple is married and has two gorgeous kids on top of that.

Children and a spouse who support Alan Silva’s career

The wife and children of Alan Silva are extremely encouraging. The two children of the married couple, who had gone with their father to his America’s Got Talent audition, could be seen supporting him.

The aerial artist’s kid raced onto the stage after his performance on America’s Got Talent to give dad a hug, and the audience couldn’t help but squeal with delight. They are the biggest admirers of their father.

The Silva children had never saw him perform live. In addition, Bethany oversees the production of plays and operas in addition to being a working mother.

Bethany constantly makes time for the Brazilian actor and his family despite her hectic schedule. On social media, the pair routinely posts pictures from their vacations.

In addition, the veteran of the circus family and Cirque du Soleil performer had previously been urged to “simply be a clown” because of his height. However, when he met his wife Bethany, everything changed.

According to a former contestant on America’s Got Talent, his wife is the reason he is where he is now. The gifted artist said that he couldn’t see his life without his loved ones.

Alan Silva Comes From A Prominent Family of Artists

Brazil is where Alan Silva was born in 1984. He is the sixth generation of circus artists and comes from a long history of entertainers.

Alfredo Silva, a knife-thrower from the dangerous AGT Season 11 performance Deadly Games, is his brother.

Silva, who was trained in a variety of circus skills, discovered his love and talent for aerial silks at the age of 16. He has continued on with it ever since and has had remarkable success.

Alan Silva Net Worth

The main source of revenue is Alan Silva, who has been performing since he was six years old. He must have made a large chunk of money over his lengthy and impressive career.

According to Comparably, the average yearly pay for aerialists is between $16K and $80K. Silva, though, must also make more than that given his standing and popularity in the industry.

Although Alan Silva’s net worth has not been disclosed, we may guess that it is a significant amount. Additionally, he must have received compensation for his AGT participation.

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