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Alex Fresh: Is He Quitting Jubal Show? What Has Been Going On—Has She Been Fired?

Alex Fresh

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Yes, Alex Fresh is departing Jubal Show, and on January 9, 2023, the RJ posted on Instagram to let everyone know.

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Alex Fresh is a radio personality who has been thrown into the entertainment industry to take the reins in managing the family company. She co-hosts, produces, and directs material in addition to planning stand-up comedy tours, where she also must manage the staff.

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Alex Fresh, “English” Evan, Jubal, who has done stand-up in the Springs, and his wife are all present in the new season of Jubal’s Show.

Jugal’s wife, Alex, joined him on a podcast, which evolved into three podcasts each week, and is now a radio program.

In addition to her radio work, the host is a beast at HALO on Xbox and a supporter of eliminating the taboos around marijuana use for recreational purposes.

Alex Fresh: Is He Quitting Jubal Show?

Yes, Alex made the announcement that she was quitting the show via an Instagram post to her 27.6k followers under the name @thatdreas.

When Alex’s husband, Jubal, started working at the station in August 2020, she was kept on. Before Alex invited him to the “Carla Marie & Anthony” morning program at 106.1 KBKS, Omelia had previously worked in sales at iHeartMedia Seattle.

She said that she abruptly left “The Jubal Show.”Alex’s processing has taken longer than anticipated; she could be departing for her mental health and self-care.

Alex expressed her gratitude for her time on the Show and recognized that her followers were listening.

The presenter also said that while she has not yet responded to numerous inquiries, she is not in retirement and even made a comeback suggestion.

What Became Of Alex Fresh?

Jubal Fresh announced his resignation from Brooke & Jubal In The Morning after nine years of service to the well-known radio program, according to sources.

Since the start of 2020, the YouTuber, comedian, and podcaster hasn’t appeared on the show.

Jugal had already declared his intention to leave after the conflict between him and the producers.

With his buddy Brooke, Alex’s husband Jubal performs humorous bits including “Phone Tap,” “Second Date,” and “Loser Line.” The hosts often make light of everyday situations.

The Jubal Show episode focused on a pregnant lady who made a big scene by repeatedly proudly showing off the results of her first ultrasound scan at work (“Phone Tap: Stop With the Baby Stuff”).

Is Alex a recent hire?

As soon as Alex said she was leaving the Jubal Show, many assumed his departure had anything to do with her resignation.

Colorado Springs’ 98.9 Magic FM/KKMG-FM listeners were delighted when they switched to “The Jubal Show” instead of “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning.”

According to sources, “The Jubal Show” has reportedly taken over the station’s daily 6–10 am time slot. Longtime listeners will recognize Jubal as Jubal Fresh, alias Jubal Flagg. Prior to the launch of “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning,” Jubal and co-host Brooke Fox hosted the syndicated program “Brooke & Jubal.”

From March 2016 until April 2020, when her husband Jubal departed the show after an extended, unexplained absence, The Jugal Show aired on Magic FM.

After Jugal left, the program changed its name to “Brooke and Jeffrey in the Morning,” with Jeff “Young Jeffrey” Dubow as co-host.

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