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All About Emily Bushnell And Molly Sinert From The 34th Season Of “The Amazing Race”?

Emily Bushnell

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Emily Bushnell and Molly, twin sisters separated at birth, are poised to win one of television’s most prestigious events. The Amazing Race will return for a brand-new season. With $1,000,000 at stake, couples are ready to join and see the world.

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The series will premiere outside of the United States for the first time. Yet, this is not the only change for the upcoming season.

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This season, approximately 12 teams will compete for the title, as there will be no non-elimination legs. The entire cast of The Amazing Race has now been announced, with one pair standing out.

The two made headlines in 2017 when they met for the first time since they were infants in Korea. Until a DNA test reunited them, they led very different lives after being adopted by separate families.

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“The beginning of the race is usually quite exciting because there are so many teams with so much potential energy, and we also have something to celebrate,” stated the event organizer.

The 400th leg of The Amazing Race will premiere on CBS at 10 p.m. on September 21. ET.

Long-lost twins reunite to compete in The Amazing Race’s 34th season

Emily Bushnell and Molly Sinert were separated for 36 years until discovering each other last year. Both were Korean natives who were adopted by different families.

Molly is a hospital administrator from Florida, whereas Emily is employed by a law firm and resides in Pennsylvania.

Wanda Sykes is a guest host on The Ellen Show alongside the two. They contemplated conducting a DNA test, which ultimately brought them together.

Emily informed Wanda that her daughter had sought a DNA test “year after year” for the past five years in an effort to locate Emily’s biological family.

In 2020, following a health scare, Molly investigated genetic marker testing after realizing she had no health history. On March 3, 2021, their lives were flipped upside down when Molly’s test results indicated that she had a close relative named Isabel.

She then informed Isabel via 23andMe that they had the same DNA and that she was adopted from South Korea in 1985.

Emily declared:

“I received an email from 23andMe informing me that you have a related match who is attempting to contact you. Clearly, she was a sister of some sort. I was unaware at the time that she was an identical twin sister.”

Bushnell and her daughter then Googled Molly and viewed her videos and photographs, but despite the fact that it was evident, Emily had trouble believing it was her sister.

Emily recalled their first meeting as “the best day of her life,” while Molly stated that they were both terrified and wondered if Emily would be similar to herself.

She then continued:

“We both wept, and it was a beautiful moment. That day, our lives completely changed.”

In the introductory video for The Amazing Race, which was posted by Entertainment Weekly, the two explored the differences between their childhoods.

They explained how participating in the show is about more than just winning $1 million; it is also about spending time together. Season 34 of The Amazing Race will reveal how similar these reunited twins are as they compete for the cash prize and the title.

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