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Julia Fox

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Julia Fox used her TikTok account to show admirers her New York City apartment. Fans found her residence to be really relatable and admired her normality. Fox also disclosed that her two-year-old son still shares her bed.

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On TikTok, Julia Fox displays her ordinary and relatable abode

Julia Fox may be a famous celebrity, but her home is no different from that of any other average person.

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Wednesday, the actress shared a sneak glimpse at her Manhattan apartment on TikTok. The Uncut Gems also reminded her followers in the video that her 2-year-old son Valentino still shares her bedroom.

After displaying the nursery for her little son, the 32-year-old actress explained,

“He simply desires to be in his mother’s room,”

“He, like, doesn’t even sleep in there. He shares my bed at night. Yes, we sleep together. Sue me, I don’t care.”

The actress also revealed to her 1.6 million TikTok followers that her home is quite ordinary.

Fox began,

“Never in a million years did I think I would do this, but I am a firm believer in maximum transparency.”

“I will thus give you a tour of my apartment. And I know I’m going to get roasted, but hopefully someone will watch this and think, “OK, maybe I’m not doing so badly after all.”

The Italian-American actress then turned the camera to reveal the bed in her living room, which has been transformed into a small play area for her kid, whom she shares with her ex-partner Peter Artemiev.

In addition, the PVT Chat star did not afraid to show admirers her extremely long and narrow hallway, tiny bathroom, and kitchen.

The actress went on,

“Don’t judge me,”

“I am aware that it is quite untidy. In addition, I have shoe boxes in the kitchen, as is usual for New Yorkers.”

Fans praised Julia’s ordinary way of living.

The doting mother also displayed Valentino’s bedroom, which had a lofted bed and an abundance of toys, to her fans.

Fox said,

“I believe I put the greatest work into this space,”

“I really wanted his room to be adorable. However, he never frequents this location.”

The model continued,

“Personally, I simply dislike extravagant displays of riches. They make me feel revolting. You know, particularly those who have enormous homes… It is incredibly wasteful when there are so many homeless individuals in the United States.”

Fans were ecstatic to see Julia living a normal life and swamped the comment area with praise for the video’s relatability. Additionally, they admired how she prioritized her son.

One fan remarked,

“Julia Fox is the most ordinary celebrity I’ve ever encountered. She deserves everything due to her integrity and transparency. We love u juju foxy,”

Another fan added,

“It’s so lovely to see a celebrity home that genuinely seems lived in,”

A third echoed,

“You are a mother who prioritizes your child, and the flat is lovely. You are demonstrating that success varies for each individual.”

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