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All You Need To Know About Tamara Hurwitz

Tamara Hurwitz

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Tamara Hurwitz is a well-known dancer and also the wife of Bill Pullman. Bill Pullman is a well-known actor who has been in The Sinner and Casper, among other films and television programs. She is a dancing instructor as well.

Net worth of Tamara Hurwitz

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As of January 2023, her exact net worth is unknown, but some sources estimate that she is worth approximately $750,000 USD. She earns a minimum of $30,000 per year as a dancer.

In contrast, her hubby has a staggering net worth of 18 million dollars. His primary source of revenue has been television and film productions. We are discussing a combined net worth of roughly $19 million.

He has been in significant cinema pictures and television programs throughout his career. IMDb gives the film While You Were Sleeping a rating of 6.7 out of 10. The film received an 81 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

With a budget of only 17 million dollars, the film grossed 182 million dollars at the box office. In addition, he was exceedingly satisfied with his job at Lake Placid. The film received a rating of 5.7 on IMDb and cost $27 million to create.

Age and Early Life

On January 3, 1987, Tamara Hurwitz wed Bill Pullman, and the couple has been married ever since. The couple has three children. Maesa Pullman, Jack Pullman, and Lewis Pullman are her children.

Maesa is her daughter, and Lewis and Jack are her sons. Her oldest child was born in 1988 and is a daughter. Her daughter, like her father, is a singer and composer in the entertainment industry.

Morning Field and Bloodlove are among her most popular songs. Jack Pullman is employed as a puppeteer, which is a new occupation for her. Since his arrest on October 27, 2008, he has been surrounded by controversy.

This was due to the fact that I was drinking and consuming alcohol. Currently, he was underage. This was not a serious infraction, but his subsequent actions were. He assaulted a government agent.

Her son, Lewis Pullman, was born on January 29, 1993. Her son is also an actor and has appeared in Bad Times, Top Gun: Maverick, and Catch-22, among others.

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