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“Big Nunu’s Little Heist” Is Set To Premiere On Netflix

Big Nunu’s Little Heist

The next African comedy film from Netflix, titled Big Nunu’s Little Heist, will make its online streaming debut on Friday, July 28, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET (tentative time).

The protagonist of the story is a former soldier who now works as a delivery person. When he is seduced into a mobster’s world and joins a group that plans to steal a famous object, his life takes a dramatic change. The main character in the movie is played by Jefferson Tshabalala, while numerous other people have significant supporting roles. Big Nunu’s Little Heist is directed by Andy Kasrils, who also authored the script.

The risky journey is depicted in the trailer for the Netflix original film Big Nunu’s Little Heist

The official trailer for Big Nunu’s Little Heist, which gives a preview of the movie’s numerous spooky and humorous happenings, was released by Netflix on July 17, 2023. The group that the protagonist falls involved with is briefly shown in the trailer. It examines a number of pivotal movie scenes without revealing any major details that would detract from viewers’ enjoyment of the movie.

In addition to the teaser, Netflix has also posted the official trailer for the movie on their YouTube channel. A bumbling gang commanded by a local kingpin recruits an ex-soldier who is now a deliveryman to commit a daring heist in an infamous South African neighbourhood.

Other than that, no new details regarding the movie have been made public. Audiences can anticipate a hugely compelling and funny comedy film that is perfect for weekend viewing, according to the official trailer and synopsis.

More information about Big Nunu’s Little Heist’s premise and actors

The lead character in Big Nunu’s Little Heist is Jefferson Tshabalala. A former soldier who now works as a delivery executive is the primary character. As he is dragged into a world of crime and violence, his life takes an unforeseen turn. He is now a part of a crew planning a high-risk heist.

Given that the plot appears to be told from his point of view, it will be fascinating to observe how his persona develops in the movie. Fans may expect Tshabalala to deliver a memorable performance in the movie because he looks wonderful in the trailer. In Samantha Nell’s Do Your Worst, Jefferson Tshabalala played a little role as the director of the ad.

Tshabalala shares the screen with Tony Miyambo, who plays Punchununu, in another significant part. He appears to be the main mobster in command of the robbery, at least based on the trailer. He appears to be the main bad guy in the tale. Other than that, not much is currently known about his personality. His other notable roles include those in Wonder Boy for President, Chin Up!, Red Cake, and several other films.

The supporting cast includes Celeste Ntuli as Mayor Tshabalala, Khanyisa Bunu as Mumsy, Mpho Popps as Police Vilakazi, Amahle Khumalo as Innocentia, and Kagiso Lediga as Detective Khumalo. Don’t forget to see Big Nunu’s Little Heist on Friday, July 28, 2023, at 3 a.m. ET on Netflix.

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