Bridget Lancaster & Stephen Lancaster Married Life

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Bridget Lancaster & Stephen Lancaster Married Life

Bridget Lancaster & Stephen Lancaster Married Life

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Bridget Lancaster, America’s Test Kitchen’s favorite chef, has been married for a long time. Lancaster married her long-term partner Stephen Lancaster.

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“You have to go through a man’s gut to get to his heart.” Bridget Lancaster demonstrates this point when Stephen falls in love with her. Let’s learn more about their marriage now.

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The Married Life of Bridget Lancaster Learns about her husband

In the 1990s, the 50-year-old chef married her longtime boyfriend Stephen Lancaster. The actual date of the couple’s marriage is unknown. Here’s a fun fact for you: her husband, Stephen, is also a chef.

Chef Stephen Lancaster works at Hawthorne-by-the-Sea in Swampscott. As of 2019, the couple and their family reside in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Both of them are passionate about cooking, so it’s no surprise that they fell in love with each other.

The couple has not released their wedding date or any other specifics regarding the ceremony. According to reports, Bridget married Stephen in a small wedding ceremony. The wedding was attended by close friends and relatives.

Bridget dated Stephen for a few years before their marriage. Finally, it was probably with a good taste of food that they decided to take their relationship to the next level. The couple most likely looked stunning together, but there is no photographic evidence to back it up.

Stephen is also an exceptional chef who serves the best and most diverse cuisines to numerous customers from all around the world. Bridget is survived by her husband and their two children.

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Children of Bridget Lancaster

Bridget and Stephen’s love grew even stronger after their children arrived in their lives after they had been married for so long. Bridget gave birth to the couple’s first child, Tom Lancaster, in 2002.

The happy event in their lives poured additional love into their family. Bridget and Stephen’s joy was doubled when they welcomed another son, James Lancaster, in 2008. Despite being highly busy with their jobs, the couple manages their personal lives very well.

Bridget, like other mothers, enjoys cooking for her family while her husband supports her choirs. Every night, the Lancaster family gathers for supper, and on Sunday, the entire family gets to sample Bridget’s unique meal.

Bridget Lancaster’s current marital status

As of 2019, the couple’s marriage connection is flourishing. They both shun rumors and controversies in their personal lives. The couple is completely content together and lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with their family.

Bridget, like Koren Grieveson, conducts a TV show where controversies occur. Although Bridget’s personal life is free of controversy, her TV show America’s Test Kitchen presenter Christopher Kimball was sued in 2016. And guess what? America’s Test Kitchen has filed a lawsuit against Kimball for stealing ATK’s intellectual property.

Bridget Lancaster (left) and Julia Collin Davison (right) from America’s Test Kitchen.

After departing ATK, Christopher Kimball launched his new company Milk Street, while Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison present ATK.

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