Who is Maxi Priest Wife? His Family and Children

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Who Is Maxi Priest Wife? His Family And Children

Who is Maxi Priest Wife? His Family and Children

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You’ve probably heard of Maxi Priest if you like reggae music. Even if you’re familiar with Maxi Priest, chances are you’ve never heard of his wife.

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Everyone is interested in his wife and children, but does he have a wife? Maxi, for example, is a single father to his children. Let us address this issue in the article.

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Wife of Maxi Priest and Wedding

The 58-year-old reggae singer’s wife is a fascinating figure. She is not mentioned in any of the sources. This is due to Maxi Priest’s desire to keep his personal life private. He, like another Jamaican reggae performer, Buju Banton, does not reveal personal details.

Many people believe Maxi is a single father because there is no information about his spouse. But believe us when we say that Maxi is a happily married man who lives with his wife. Priest’s better half recently accompanied him to a concert at Kiza Lounge.

Though there isn’t much information regarding Maxi’s wedding, according to some websites, the Priest had a small wedding. The marriage is thought to be a love marriage because the pair dated briefly before marrying.

The wedding was attended by only his closest family members, friends, and band members. Maxi has three children as a result of his lengthy marriage.

Children of Maxi Priest

The 58-year-old reggae performer has three children, whom he shares with his adoring wife. Maxi and his wife had their first kid on October 27, 1981, which was one of the happiest days of his life.

Marvin Cornell Elliott, Priest’s son, is now also a singer-songwriter. Marvin Priest is his stage name after following in his father’s footsteps. Similarly, Maxi welcomed two more boys, Che Elliott and Ryan Elliott, but any information about them is kept under wraps.

Family and Married Life of Maxi Priest

Maxi, the Billboard chart-topping singer, is a family man who spends most of his time with them. This is something he learned from his Jamaican parents. So, despite being born in London, Maxi never forgot his Jamaican roots.

As he listened to vocalists such as Dennis Brown, John Holt, Ken Boothe, Marvin Gaye, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, and others, he was inspired to write songs. He covered Bob Dylan’s “I Shot the Sheriff,” as well as tracks by Shaggy and Roberta Flack.

Maxi has never been involved in any speculations or controversies in his personal or business life. He and his wife have a good marriage, and there are no rumors of extramarital affairs. Maxi appeared with his wife and band members at a recent concert at Kiza Lounge.

The couple appeared to be quite happy together, and they even had a meet & greet with fans following the event.

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