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Cardiff Car Crash | Sophie Russon, Eve Smith And Darcy Ross Found Dead And 2 Injured In Car Crash


A tragic car crash that took place in Cardiff on 5 March 2023, resulted in the deaths of three young people named Sophie Russon, Eve Smith, and Darcy Ross, and left two others injured. The two injured people have been immediately rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after the tragic crash in the St Mellons area of Cardiff.

All of them had gone for a night stay in Newport and had also visited Porthcawl, and Trecco Bay,  and were driving back through Cardiff when this accident happened.  The incident is currently receiving widespread media coverage due to the tragic loss of life and the young age of the victims. Here’s all that you need to know about the recent Cardiff Car Crash and its victims.

Cardiff Car Crash: Three People Have Been Found Dead And 2 Seriously Injured

Three of the five young people have been declared dead and two have been found alive but seriously injured, according to South Wales police searching for the missing people, who were last seen on March 5th. On Friday night, Eve Smith, Sophie Russon, and Darcy Ross, all 20 years old, were out having fun at the Muffler Club and in Maesglas, Newport.

They then allegedly left to travel toward Trecco Bay in Porthcawl but never reached the destination. As per several reports, the three young women were with Rafel Jeanne and Shane Loughlin, said to be from Cardiff. It is still unknown if they knew each other from the beginning or met for the first time that night.

Furthermore, the two injured people have been rushed to hospital after a tragic crash. The car they were last seen in was discovered just after midnight in St Mellons on the A48, which is a major road in the city.

Over the weekend, friends and family of the missing group posted on social media to request help in an attempt to find them, before the Volkswagen Tiguan they were proceeding with was discovered in the early hours of Monday.

Additionally, the police mentioned that the Specialist officers are supporting and helping the families in every way possible. By standard procedure, the matter has been forwarded to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. Both lanes of the A48 Eastern Avenue in St. Mellons are blocked off.

How Did The Cardiff Car Crash Take Place?

The car with five reportedly left the A48 and was involved in a traffic accident, as per police officers. It is the major route that connects Llanedeyrn with Newport. Moreover, one of the main focuses of the investigation is when the car exactly crashed and for how long the three dead women and two injured men were trapped in or near the car. Likewise, a relative of one of the five victims mentioned that she had taken it upon herself to search the streets of Cardiff and Newport as she did not exactly feel the officers were taking the missing seriously enough.

But the officers and Gwent police are leading the investigation with assistance from South Wales Police. An announcement from South Wales Police at 8 am on March 5th morning mentioned: “We are at the crash scene of an ongoing accident on the roundabout that connects Eastern Avenue with Newport Road and also the A48 in Cardiff. The road is closed for now in all directions. It is also expected to remain closed for some amount of time.”

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