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Carmen Ejogo- Wiki, Husband, Net Worth, Career

Carmen Ejogo

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American and British actress Carmen Elizabeth Ejogo also sings. Boycott, Sparkle, Fantastic Beasts, and Where to Find Them are a few of the movies she has worked on. Additionally, kids liked her Saturday children’s programs on American television.

Biography of Carmen Ejogo

According to some stories, the future superstar was born in October 1973 in Kensington, London. The girl’s Nigerian father, Charles Ejogo, immigrated to the UK and started his own business.

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The mother, Elizabeth Douglas, is Scottish and was a hippy in her 20s before becoming a tour guide. Charles, Carmen’s older brother, not only inherited his father’s surname but also his father’s business acumen. Charles participated in the first business reality show, Dragons’ Den. The young man’s investment in vending machines paid off in the first episode, and he was able to rapidly land a deal with a reputable company.

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Carmen attended the Roman Catholic Primary School at Chelsea’s Oratory. At the age of 12, she had her first performance experience and decided to pursue an acting career. The young woman moved there and enrolled in several professional courses. Ejogo gained notoriety when she began presenting kid-friendly programs on weekends before Walt Disney movies.

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Ejogo, Carmen Size, and Weight

Carmen is 55 pounds and 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her figure is curvy, measuring 35 inches in length, 25 inches in breadth, and 35 inches in height. She also has dark eyes and brown hair.


In the British musical Absolute Beginners, where she collaborated with David Bowie, 12-year-old Carmen made her stage debut. A ten-year professional hiatus followed it.

The teenage actress made a triumphant return in the 1996 thriller Cold Lazarus. She then starred in the Eddie Murphy-starring crime comedy Metro, the Rachel Weisz-starring crime drama I Want You, and the Alicia Silverstone-starring musical Love’s Labor’s Lost.

The drama Boycott and the historical film Sally Hemings: An American Scandal played significant roles in the artist’s career; the latter earned her a nomination for an NAACP Image Award. Uma Thurman starred in the 1998 thriller The Avengers, which was published. Despite being relatively ambitious, the project was a failure because there were only two winners out of the eight nominations for the Golden Raspberry.

One or two movies starring Ejogo are released per year. She co-starred with Martin Lawrence and Danny DeVito in the 2001 film What’s the Worst That Could Happen? A musical drama called Lackawant to the Blues was nominated for a Golden Globe. In the holiday melodrama Noel, which stars Penélope Cruz and Paul Walker as the main characters, Carmen played Dr. Matthew Batiste. Carmen also had an appearance in the drama Kidnapped.

A well-known vocalist who has performed with numerous bands is Carmen Ejogo. She collaborated with DJ Alex Reece on the hit song “Slowly” and its music video, and she performed the song “Candles” with him. The woman once hosted a show on the BSB channel where she promoted music she believed to be of the highest caliber and appealing to young people.

Value of Carmen Ejogo in 2022

Carmen Ejogo has utilized the opportunity well. Over the years, she has played several parts in both films and television. Three million dollars is thought to be her current net worth.

Carmen Ejogos Married, Husband

Carmen Ejogo has been married twice. The musician Tricky, whose real name is Adrian Thaws, wed the artist in 1998. The young people had a love of music; they collaborated on songwriting, and Carmen played at Tricky’s shows. However, their passion quickly waned, and they split up after only a year.

While filming the biopic Boycott in the summer of 2000, Carmen met her second husband, actor, and producer Jeffrey Wright. Previously, the actress went by the name Ejogo-Wright. Elijah, a boy, and Juno, a girl, are their two children. The union lasted for 14 years.

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