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Casey DeSantis, Wife Of Ron Desantis, Fought Cancer, But Is She Presently Ill

Ron DeSantis

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Ron DeSantis is now the governor of Florida, after defeating Republican-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist. In his political tenure, he twice attained the position.

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There is even speculation that DeSantis may seek for president in 2024.

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From 2013 to 2018, the Republican politician was a key member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Similarly, he had previously served in the military.

Cancer was a struggle for Ron DeSantis’s wife

The wife of the governor of Florida was diagnosed with breast cancer. In October 2021, Casey DeSantis was diagnosed with her illness.

Similarly, the governor stated that it was the most difficult challenge of her life.

Casey bravely fought and endured her illness for over six months. Her husband provided her with the most support during difficult circumstances.

Similarly, she was required to undertake multiple chemotherapy treatments, with the most recent occurring in January. The first lady of Florida responded very well to the final chemotherapy treatment.

Is Casey DeSantis Currently Ill?

Fortunately, Casey DeSantis, the first lady of Florida, is currently Cancer-free. In January 2022, she concluded her final chemotherapy treatment.

On 3 March 2022, Mr. DeSantis relayed the good news that his wife was cancer-free via a video. He expressed his joy by declaring:

I am at a loss for words to describe this excellent news. Casey, my wife, is now considered cancer-free after undergoing surgery and treatment. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my wife and family.

Similarly, he referred to his wife as a tough and intrepid woman who fought her illness. The governor revealed earlier that his wife will be diagnosed with cancer in October 2021.

Meet Ron DeSantis’s Family And Spouse

Ron DeSantis, the current governor of Florida, resides with his family. His family consists of Casey, his wife, and three children.

Casey met Ron DeSantis while playing golf. He was a naval officer at Naval Station Mayport at the time. The two began dating and grew closer over time.

The couple finally sealed the knot in September 2010. Mrs. DeSantis and her spouse have three children.

They have three children: Mason DeSantis, Madison DeSantis, and Mamie DeSantis.

Exciting Facts About Casey DeSantis, Ron Desantis’s Wife Here are some obscure facts about the first lady of Florida.

Casey contributes significantly to her spouse, Mr. DeSantis’ meteoric rise. Numerous individuals believe she is her husband’s secret weapon.
In 2019, following Ron’s appointment as governor, Mrs. DeSantis maintained a relatively low profile.
The mother of three will play an important role in the state’s Hurricane Ian relief efforts.

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