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Catherine O’Hara Condemns Plastic Surgery? Her Thoughts on Facelift

Catherine O'Hara

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Catherine O’Hara is a superb actress who has done much in her career, setting a high standard for accomplishment that is rarely surpassed. Her significant commitment to her work is powerful, from her presence in spectacular projects to one after many renowned accolades to her name.

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As much as Catherine’s projects are constantly the talk of the town, so is her beautifully well-structured face, which is thought to be the result of plastic surgery. Many people believe she has had plastic surgery, but the truth is something you might not have expected. 

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Where was Catherine O’Hara born? Family

She was the youngest of seven children born into a Catholic family. At her age, she effortlessly captivates audiences with her talent, charm, and beautiful looks.

The most intriguing aspect is that her face has never changed. She is always shining and beaming. While many people attribute it to plastic surgery, the 67-year-old attributes it entirely to her mother.

“You simply raise. The more you do it, the stronger it becomes! My mum worked the muscles behind her skin and face her entire life.”

Said the Primetime Emmy Award winner regarding her face. She went on to say that her mother “never had a facelift” or any form of surgery, but she still had no wrinkles in her 80s.

Catherine O'Hara
                                   Catherine O’Hara With Her Husband (Source: Nicki Swift)

Catherine O’Hara Underwent Plastic Surgery?

O’Hara went viral on TikTok in December of 2020 when she replicated her iconic scene from ‘Home Alone 2,’ and the video went viral in no time. When she shared the video, she was showered by love and appreciation (not unusual) from a large number of social media users. Her current recreation was featured alongside the original film in the TikTok video.

The restoration of the film from 1992 to now presented Catherine in a completely different light, to say the least, more graceful. The funny recreation was soon recognized by millions of people and swiftly accumulated many views and likes.

The Golden Globe winner flawlessly reproduced the scenario with her natural blond hair and piercing ocean blue eyes, mesmerizing the audience through the screen and not to mention her humorous reactions. While there are many other reasons for people to suspect her plastic surgery, this video may be one of them because it demonstrates how she has matured like a great wine.

However, the ‘Schitt’s Creek’ actress did once answer a question about getting a real-life facelift, which may be an answer to the millions of questions. When asked if she had ever considered getting a real-life facelift, her straightforward response was, “No.”

“I’m frightened of needles, except for acupuncture needles,” she says.

The 67-year-old actress went on to say that she would rather spend more time and money on good skincare, and that she would never have any form of surgery.

“… With an increasing number of noninvasive and healthful treatments available to keep your face looking its best. But no. No!”

This certainly reveals a lot about whether or not Catherine O’Hara has had any type of surgery, as there have been many advances in skincare. However, it is always possible that the Canadian actress changed her views over the years.

However, according to a Women’s Health article, Catherine has managed to remain as stunning as ever, even at this age, despite not having any work done.

It also mentions how she values skincare, as does her ‘Schitt’s Creek’ MUA, Lucky Bromhead, who has undoubtedly influenced the actress.

Similarly, in an interview with Vulture in 2019, she revealed her secret recipe for having a flawless face.

She continued,

“Her brows were down here when she was in her twenties. Up here, she’s in her 80s. And she’d just keep her expression like this. She was so self-conscious that she’d gaze in the mirror and ask herself, “What’s the best way to look?” And it worked because she did it. She naturally raised her face.”

O’Hara, like her mother, looked exactly like she described her mother when she was her age. Regardless of whether or not she is working, the truth is that she is still as fascinating and alluring as she was decades ago, and we believe she will be the same graceful woman decades from now.

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