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Chris Weidman’s Bio Stephen Thompson’s Brother-In-Law

Chris Weidman

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Both Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson are well-known Americans who compete in mixed martial arts professionally.

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Their strong affinity encouraged the family to develop their ties further.

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For the Ultimate Fighting Championship, they compete in the middleweight and welterweight categories, respectively.

Many people have always praised their shared tie, and now that they are brothers-in-law, their relationship appears to be close. Let’s find out where their family is.

Who is Stephen Thompson, the brother-in-law of Chris Weidman?

Stephen Thompson, Chris Weidman’s brother-in-law, is a skilled mixed martial artist and model.

The two had a tighter bond because they were longtime friends and training partners.

Due to their shared industry, Chris and Stephen have had a strong friendship for a very long time.

In 2016, both UFC fighters posted on social media to congratulate their siblings on their marriage.

Their siblings got to know one another because of their strong ties, which were well recognized, and because they hung out with each other frequently. They got legally married soon after falling in love.

The relationship between the two fighters is further strengthened by the fact that Chris Weidman’s sister is married to Tony Thompson, Stephen Thompson’s brother.

Thomas Thompson and Chris Weidman Clan Tree

Through the marriage of one of their siblings, Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson are now blood relatives. In addition, because they originate from different origins, their family tree is unique.

Weidman, the second of three children, was born on June 17, 1984, in Baldwin, New York. Although he is of German and Irish ancestry, he was raised as a Lutheran.

Thompson, on the other hand, was born on February 11, 1983, in Simpsonville, South Carolina, and grew up with his two sisters and brothers.

Their parents and other family members greatly influenced their desire to pursue martial arts professions, even though they came from diverse geographical origins.

They both enrolled in training at an early age.

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Thomas Thompson and Chris Weidman Gross Value

As both Chris Weidman and Stephen Thompson have amassed 3 million dollars from their successful careers, Celebrity’s Net Worth reports that there is no difference between their net worths.

Through their successful careers as professional martial artists in the United States, both have amassed a fortune.

Both are currently competing in various divisions of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Through their astounding performances, they both received various accolades and titles and are well-known to spectators.

Similar to how Thompson began in 2010, Weidman has been active since 2009.

The professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship is said to make up to $47,685 annually, according to Glassdoor. Stephen is also a model in addition to that.

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