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Does Marie Osmond Wear A Wig, Her Hairstyle Amazed Her Fans

Marie Osmond

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Marie Osmond, born Olive Marie Osmond, is a famous American performer.

She performed with the Osmonds, an American family band. She became famous not with her family band but with her brand of pop music.

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Donny and Marie, the show she co-hosted with her brother, became The Osmond Family Hour.

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Actress Marie Osmond, 63 years old and full of confidence and beauty, has never failed to captivate her audience. Her followers have always commented on her hair.

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Is it True That Marie Osmond Uses Wigs?

The actress has always used images of herself that showcase her slim, blonde beauty.

Osmond made her first appearance with blonde hair in 2013 on The Wendy Williams Show, when she was 53 years old.

She quickly disclosed that the new golden hairstyle was merely a wig. “This is my mommy’s hair,” she proudly proclaimed. This is a first for television, but whenever I go out with my kids, I always pretend to be someone else.

You should be kind and friendly, but family time is family time. To put it simply, I am a blonde. My two kids have only ever known me as a blonde.

Marie Osmond takes off the blonde wig she uses to hide her identity when she takes her kids out in public.
Marie Osmond shows off the blonde wig she wears when she takes her kids out in public.

Williams, the show’s host, enquired of Osmond about her collection of wigs. Yes, she said, “I do. One of them is this. I wore a Chinese one to say goodnight to my sleeping 17-year-old three nights ago. His reaction was, “Whaaaa!”

In a 2020 interview with Closer Weekly, Osmond said that wearing wigs makes her feel younger and sexier and that they are the secret to her long-lasting beauty. No matter her age, she enjoys donning wigs and trying out new styles.

She debuted her new short blond do on an episode of The Talk and discussed why she likes to change her hairstyle so often.

She remarked, “60 is such a great age because as you enter that era, you know who you are…it’s kind of like, this is me.” Plus, I enjoy demonstrating new hairstyles because it’s entertaining.

Osmond has experimented with several different hair colors and cuts, including red, brown, blonde, straight, curly, pixie, and bangs.

She revealed that her signature brunette locks are still present under the wigs.

Marie Osmond’s New Do Shock Her Audience

Hair changes for Osmond have always been hotly debated by her devoted following. The 63-year-old actress has shown that chronological age is nothing more than a number.

She takes great pride in her always-vibrant haircut and color. All of her transformations are well received by her devoted fan base.

Ever since she was 20 years old, she has constantly experimented with new hairstyles. Many of her devotees have even copied her signature hairdo.

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