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Emiru Stated That She Gave Dyrus A Second Chance In Their Relationship


Since 2016, Dyrus, a former professional League of Legends player, has been dating another gamer named Emiru.

Because of their endearing antics during live broadcasts, they are regarded as the ideal “couple goal” in the gaming and streaming communities. Many of their fans, however, were shocked to find that their favorite gaming duo was about to break up in 2020.

Fans of Twitch feeds enjoyed seeing their favorite duo play games together. However, they were unaware that Dyrus and Emiru were about to call it quits.

On May 1, 2020, Dyrus took to Twitter to discuss his relationship with his girlfriend. In the tweet, he declared his intention to be transparent about his connection. He acknowledged that he had hurt his fiancée emotionally and psychologically and that their relationship was about to end.

Dyrus went on to claim that he was also looking for recovery and that his girlfriend had given their relationship a second chance. Additionally, Dyrus begged for forgiveness, expressed regret to everyone, and said that the earlier tweet from April, which has since been deleted, should not have been shared.

But in his response to the post, he admitted that he had made a “very major mistake and said some awful things” and that he was trying to make amends. I would want to be open and honest about what happened. I was prepared to break up with Emily because I had hurt her psychologically.

But now that she’s giving me another chance, I’m going to start seeing a counselor. I’m sorry for making everyone worried about me. I shouldn’t have mentioned it on Twitter. — @Dyrus Marcus Dyrus May 1st, 2020. We’re equally open to disagreement on what the deleted tweet said. However, let’s hope that the cute couple is in a healthy position in their relationship.

Emiru-Dyrus Relationship Timeline

Together for more than four years, the Twitch broadcasting team. They started dating in June, but the gamer didn’t announce his engagement until December 2 after posting a stunning photo on Instagram. The two have been together ever since, encouraging one another at every step of their lives.

They frequently play games together and promote one another on their channels because they are both streamers. They also don’t hold back when posting pictures of one another on social media.

For instance, on Valentine’s Day of 2017, Emiru posted some lovely pictures of herself and Dyrus on Twitter. She wrote a heartfelt note to go with the pictures, thanking him for his unwavering love and support of her.

On June 21, 2019, the former League of Legends player shared an animated picture of a couple kissing on the third anniversary of their relationship. In the caption, he mentioned that he had been dating his partner for three years.

Since the posting, Dyrus has not discussed his connection in further detail. However, it is reasonable to believe that they are still dating given that he hasn’t taken down any of his posts with her.

Emiru: Who is he?

The girlfriend of Dyrus is a costume maker. Her artwork, which features various anime characters, can be found on her Instagram account, Emiru.jpg. She likes to play video games as well.

Dyrus was so determined to choose League Of Legends over him that she revealed in a tweet dated October 17, 2019, that she had broken up with her high school boyfriend because he had insisted she chooses between the two. She moved on and pushed the game ahead of him.

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