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Eve Chilton

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Agnes Hailstone was given the birth sign of Gemini and American citizenship on June 14, 1972, in Noorvik, Alaska, USA. She is an Inupiaq native who shot to fame after getting the role of a lifetime in the reality TV show “Life Below Zero.”

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Where was Eve Chilton born? Family, Education

Agnes was named after the hurricane that struck the US on the day she was born. She was born into a family of hunters since both her parents were battling to survive in the harsh Alaskan climate.

For both girls and boys living in the Alaskan bush, it is crucial that Agnes learns how to hunt and set traps at a young age. She attended home school and passed her exams to earn her high school diploma in 1990.

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The story of Agnes and her involvement in the reality TV show “Life Below Zero”

Agnes is a hunter who tries to make the most of what she has in Alaska to live. She is carrying a Mosin Nagant 3-line rifle, also known as the Mosin’s rifle in Russia, which was developed between 1882 and 1891 and contains an internal magazine with five rounds.

Over 37 million rifles have been created, and they are still incredibly popular. This makes the rifle the most produced weapon in wartime history. Ulu is the name she gave to her multipurpose knife.

On May 19, 2013, Agnes became well-known after being chosen to appear in the National Geographic Channel reality series “Life Below Zero.”

It features a number of individuals surviving in Alaska’s subzero temperatures while residing in isolated regions of their own free will. These folks search for food and are solely reliant on their own resources.

Among the prominent characters are Glen Villeneuve, our Agnes and her husband Chip, and Sue Aikens, a 54-year-old woman and the sole occupant of the Kavik River camp.

The show has received four awards: the 68th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding cinematography for a reality program in 2016, the 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding picture editing for an unstructured reality program in 2017, and the 70th and 71st Primetime Creative Arts Emmys for outstanding cinematography for a reality program in both 2018 and 2019.

There have been 12 seasons and 147 episodes so far in the show. When Sue Aikens, the series’ lead actress, was 12 years old, her mother abandoned her in Alaska, leaving her to fend for herself.

She frequently changed residences but is now the proud proprietor of the Kavik River Camp, an adventure camp that offers summer lodging to anyone looking to experience life in the forest.

She is a philanthropist who has set aside time during the summer for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds and others who might not be able to afford to stay at her camp.

Additionally, Agnes served as the company’s principal for the long-gone Caribou Arts and Adventures, a family-run business.

Is Eve Chilton Married? Relationship

Agnes’ first husband was a man whose last name was Carter. Agnes gave birth to two of their children—Douglas Doug Carter and Jon Hailstone—before Agnes and Carter split after a few years of marriage, ostensibly over Carter’s desire to leave Alaska.

Since then, Douglas has taken up hunting. He is married to Gloria Iyatunguk and they have five children. The family currently resides in Deering, Alaska. In addition to being married, Jon has taken up hunting.

Eve Chilton
                                Eve Chilton With His Ex-Husband (Source: Webofbio.com)

Before she met and wed her first husband, Agnes met Chip Hailstone in Noorvik in 1988. Chip was born Edward V. Hailstone in 1969. Their five daughters—Iriqtaq, Quitman, Caroline, Mary, and Tinmiaq—are the result of their 1998 marriage.

While Mary is the basketball team captain for her high school, Iriqtaq, who is 21 years old, is a college student and has a son named Wade who was born in 2016.

How tall is Eve Chilton? Weight, Hair Color

The age of Agnes is 47. She is 5ft 3ins (1.61m) tall, weighs about 121lbs, with medium-length black hair and blue eyes (55kgs).

Agnes has stripes tattooed on her chin that stand for maturity and the beginning of puberty; they signify that a woman has matured and become serious and shouldn’t spend a lot of time having fun and being silly.

Her work in the TV series “Life Below Zero” has contributed significantly to her estimated net worth of over $400,000.

Various Interests and Hobbies

Agnes adores the freedom that living in the outdoors affords her, as well as the fact that Alaska is the coldest area in the United States.

She could have left Alaska with her first husband, but she chose to stay and let him go on his own. She had books to read before she was ready to choose her own regarding guns because she was interested in them.

Her custom-made knife is helpful to her when she’s working around the house and hunting. Agnes enjoys spending her free time reading by the fire at home, and she particularly likes books about actual historical events and crime detective plays.

Agnes is a major animal lover, and although she kills animals for their fur and flesh, she always apologizes to the animal after taking its life because she thinks that this is merely part of the food chain.

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