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Facts to Know About Boogie2988’s Ex-Wife Desiree Williams

Boogie Ex Wife Desiree Williams

Boogie2988, a YouTube vlogger, has officially divorced Desiree Williams, and both have the opportunity to start over.  Williams had been caring for Boogie for several years and had given up her career to assist Boogie with his health issues.

Unfortunately, the relationship did not work out, and the couple divorced. While Boogie still has health issues to deal with, his time with Williams has been among the happiest of his life.

Boogie 2988 and his ex-wife, Desiree Williams, are opposed in many ways. That’s correct, ex-wife!
Desiree Williams and her husband, Boogie2988, have officially divorced. Desiree Williams tries to avoid fame and controversy as much as Boogie 2988 does.

Here are some facts about Desiree Williams taken from her wiki.

Williams settled in Arkansas with Boogie

Boogie2988, also known as Steven Jason Williams, Desiree Williams’ ex-husband, is an American video blogger.

Boogie2988 and his ex-wife (dubbed Dez) met online and were friends for several years before she packed her belongings and moved to Arkansas to be with him.

 Desiree Williams gave up her job to care for Boogie

She quit her job after she and Boogie started living together to take care of him and help him with his health issues. Boogie has claimed that his mother subjected him to regular psychological and physical abuse as a child.

As a result of the reported abuse, he has suffered from anxiety, PTSD, and mental illness. So much so that Boogie attempted suicide as a teenager and again after his mother died in 2009.

He has since become an outspoken advocate for suicide prevention.

Things began to improve for Boogie

On July 27, 2012, Boogie proposed to Williams via YouTube video and was overjoyed when she said yes. When the couple married in 2013, a positive change appeared to come over Boogie. He credited Williams for his improved mental and physical health and stated that he wanted to get better for the sake of his wife as well as his own.

In April 2017, he announced his intention to have bariatric surgery as the final solution to his health issues. Boogie had become extremely obese, had type 2 diabetes, and weighed 587 pounds at his heaviest.

He is currently experiencing a Period of Good Health

Boogie’s surgery went well. In June 2018, he weighed 365 pounds, his lightest weight since high school.

His diabetes also went into remission, and things began to look up in terms of his health.

Divorce of Boogie and Desiree Williams

However, things did not go well at home. Williams and Boogie decided to divorce and end their marriage. Boogie announced his divorce from Williams in a tweet and later explained the situation in a YouTube video.

Boogie was philosophical in the video, stating that marriages do not always work out despite the best intentions and hard work. He stated that they were splitting amicably as friends because they “fell out of love.”

Boogie and Williams settled their divorce settlement with the help of a mediator. The situation wasn’t too complicated because they didn’t have any children. While Boogie did speak about his divorce, Williams remained silent on the subject and went about her life.

On February 13, 2018, the divorce was officially finalized.

Boogie discussed in an H3H3 podcast how his anxiety and obesity were extremely troublesome during the last two years of his marriage and were major factors in his divorce.

A New Beginning in Life

Desiree Williams, 42, is now legally free to begin a new chapter in her life. It’s a fresh start for her, and she can live her life however she wants.

Boogie 2988, on the other hand, must be extremely cautious about his health because he is still in danger.

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