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George-Chakiris, A Gay Partner And Recently Wed


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George-Chakiris made his cinematic debut at the age of 12 in the musical Song of Love, showcasing both his acting and singing prowess. He received his first and only Academy Award and Golden Globe fourteen years later for his supporting performance in the now-classic film West Side Story.

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The Norwood, Ohio, native lent his acting talents to the TV audience between the late 1960s and the late 1970s, appearing in several series like Hawaii Five-0, Murder She Wrote, and Dallas. His sexuality casts a shadow on his career, no matter how accomplished it is.
More will be revealed if we take a kinder look into his personal life.

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George-Chakiris- Relationship, Married Life

Since George has been well-known, people have often questioned whether he would accept a wife or a gay partner. Their interest was mostly sparked by the seasoned actor’s bombastic demeanor in everything.

Whether it was his graceful dance moves or his high-pitched voice on the mike, George always managed to add a dash of sassiness to his performances.

The seasoned actor, for his part, never thought it appropriate to reveal his sexual orientation to the public. His marital existence with his life partner—if he has one—acquired a mythical aura as a result.

Elite Hollywood figures generally agree that George is gay. In any case, it begs the question of why IMDB included him on its list of the 500 Gay Actors & Personalities.

The White Christmas star’s dating life hasn’t made news yet, much like his marital status. It makes sense that the audience would anticipate George-Chakiris to run a significant danger of being associated with other industry heavyweights given his long career in show business.
To his credit, the seasoned actor defied all expectations because the tales about his purported romance with co-stars never materialized.

The West Side Story star is just as secretive about his dating life today, if not even more than he was when he was younger.

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Present days?

Today, George-Chakiris, who is well past his prime, has completely ceased looking for movie jobs and has moved his attention to jewelry design. The 84-year-old actor-turned-jeweler now runs a successful business out of what was once just a hobby.

The George Chakiris Collections, a jewelry line he presented in 2008, featured “necklaces, bracelets, earrings, dramatic belts, and other stunning pieces!” The aforementioned line later appeared in Tokyo’s prominent Mitsukoshi Department Store after becoming popular with those in the know.

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