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Hank Gathers Death Cause, College Basketball Player Died

Hank Gathers

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Gathers played collegiate basketball for the West Coast Conference’s Loyola Marymount Lions.

Under the direction of head coach George Raveling, he began his college career at USC. After that, he was moved to Loyola Marymount.

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Gathers began playing basketball in high school after developing a lifelong interest in the sport. He had no interest in any sports but basketball.

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As a junior in 1989, the athlete became only the second in NCAA Division history to lead the country in both scoring and rebounds in the same season.

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The cause of the player’s sudden demise at a young age has never been completely revealed. We are now going to talk about how he died.

Hank Gathers’ autopsy revealed that he had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart muscle is damaged and scarred.

Due to his irregular heartbeat, he passed out on December 9, 1989, and it was advised that he take the beta blocker Inderal.

Gathers complained that the medicine was affecting how his game was playing, and the prescription was once more decreased from 80 to 40 mg with the condition that he return to the doctor once a week.

Unfortunately, he disregarded the call and skipped his cardiologist’s appointment for a few weeks. But eventually, after nearly two hours of conversation with his cardiologist, it was discovered that he was not taking any medication on game days.

Gathers spoke with a medical professional on March 2, then on March 4 during the first half of the semifinal game against the Portland Pilots, he passed out.

Nevertheless, he made an effort to stand up and informed the sports trainers, “I don’t want to lie down!” But soon after, his respiration stopped, and he was taken to a neighboring hospital.

The WCC commissioner decided to postpone the game till the following night due to his condition.

According to Wikipedia, the hospital later reported that the player passed away at 6:55 p.m. Hearing that he had passed suddenly at the young age of 23 was terrible.

Hank collects family information

Gathers has children; he had them at the age of sixteen.

Gathers and his unnamed partner, who gave birth to Aaron Kevin Crump, are now parents.

The terrible demise of the basketball icon 30 years ago still weighs heavily on Hank Gathers’ son. United States Today,
After his father passed away when he was six, Gathers always desired to have a family. He was reared by his mother, who constantly encouraged him in his career.

His family filed a $32.5 million lawsuit alleging negligence after the results of the autopsy.

In contrast to the cardiologist who was treating Gathers, Loyola Marymount settled for $1.4 million.

After the compensation, the lawsuit was resolved, but it is difficult for his family to understand that his demise was an accident. His family’s background hasn’t been made public yet.

Even though he passed away more than 30 years ago, the subject continues to be looked up on the Internet.

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