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Is French Author Yann Moix Married

Yann Moix

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Moix, Yann Yann, Yann’s wife, is not yet married and maybe unmarried as he has not made any public comments about his dating life. A French writer, filmmaker, and television host by the name of Yann Moix. Moix is the author of ten novels and a multiple literary award winner.

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Three of the author’s films, including Podium, which was based on one of his novels, were directed. He contributes articles to La Regle du Jeu as well. In France in January 2019, the television host’s remarks regarding women over 50 sparked outrage on social media.

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Is French author Yann Moix married? Examining the Dating Life

Although there is a myth that Yann Moix and Charlotte Valandrey had a romance in the past, he is not married. In addition, the author had fallen head over heels in love with Charlotte Valandrey when he first saw her in the movie Red Kiss in 1985.

After Charlotte Valandrey spent the night at his residence in 1997, they eventually broke up. An actor had informed Yann a week ago that the person he loved had HIV.

In addition, the TV host found it difficult to believe, especially in the presence of a positive woman who was living life to the fullest. After Charlotte Valandrey informed him of her illnesses, Moix, who had been in denial, quickly understood and asked for her forgiveness. Later, the connection developed into a lovely friendship, and on July 13, he lost a sister rather than a friend.

Fans believe that Yann Moix is gay.

When Yann asserted that ladies over 50 are too old to fall in love, a French novelist who was an admirer of his assumed he was gay. Moix admits that he detests dating white women. Similarly to this, Yann expressed amazement at the anti-gay marriage movement in France in an interview with “Metro.”

However, the director of the movie believes that being gay, out with a smile, and prominent today already constitutes an extreme form of political bias. The protest against marriage for all was also mentioned by the writer and filmmaker. As Moix put it, “It liberates me because I realized that maybe my neighbors would march against marriage for all.”

Additionally, he stated that he cannot love a woman his age and that he loves “younger women’s bodies,” which rules out being gay.

Yann Moix Said His Abusive Parents Were

Yann acknowledged that he was beaten as a child, but the abuse goes on. The family is like a mental hospital, according to the author. Additionally, Moix pledges to wish for “the physical death of every member of his family except his grandmother.” He despises his relatives.

Yann was also described as being an adorable child who was delicate, loving, and cute as anything by the author’s maternal grandma. But, to be honest, his parents have never been fond of him.

In addition to the physical assault, there was also moral abuse and greater humiliation. The author endured relentless humiliation and mockery. Despite being marketed as a novel, the book is meant to appear highly autobiographical, giving the impression to readers that Yann went through the same things the protagonist does as a young boy.

However, the novel is filled with hatred for the narrator’s parents, and Moix positions himself as a real-life victim who now dares to speak out between the lines.

It was revealed that several of the serious episodes detailed in the book happened between Yann and his brother after the public outcry from his parents and younger brother.

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