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Harris Faulkner | Husband And Married Life

Harris Faulkner

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Harris Faulkner, a multiple major award winner, is a loving mother of two children raised by her husband. The couple has been pursuing their professional ambitions and maintaining a happy marriage for years.

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To whom is Harris Faulkner wed? Their Contented Partnership

On April 12, 2003, Harris Faulkner and Tony Berlin exchanged vows. In Rio Rico, Arizona, Faulkner and her husband planned their wedding celebration close to Berlin’s hometown of Tucson. In front of their loved ones and friends, the couple exchanged vows.

Since then, their married life has been full of happiness and delights. Harris shared a sweet picture of herself and her husband on the occasion of their 13th anniversary, which also includes a few other wedding guests.

Despite being mixed-race, the couple has been enjoying a positive and fulfilling marriage for some time.

How Were Tony and Harris First Introduced?

When Berlin relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1998 to begin working for CBS News, the two first crossed paths in the late 1990s. Faulkner was already there, doing nightly news anchor duties for the ABC affiliate.

Following their two-year marriage, the couple moved to New York City. Tony then began working for the CBS station on Manhattan’s west side, while she joined Fox News.

Tony, Harris’s spouse, and their two stunning kids are proud parents. In 2007, she gave birth to Bella Berlin, their first child. In 2010, Danika Berlin, their second daughter, was born by the couple.

They believe that Arizona is the best state in which to baptize their girls. Danika, their younger daughter, may have been christened in Tubac, Arizona, according to sources.

Having mixed-race children is a blessing, according to Faulkner.

In an interview with People dated October 2019, Harris Faulkner discussed her mixed-race family in detail, paying particular attention to her two children who, as a result of their parents’ mixed-race marriage, are very different from one another in appearance.

Harris said, “It’s beautiful for any parent to get the opportunity to have those loved ones in our lives,” as a devoted mother of two mixed girls.

Tony, Faulkner’s husband, too merited much recognition for his significant contribution to the family, saying, “I married an amazing guy.” Without [him], I couldn’t accomplish it.

The children engage in tennis and basketball. They engage in gymnastics training as well. Harrish frequently laments not being able to attend her daughter’s tournament because of her busy schedule. “It was difficult because I was unable to watch every game and I missed a competition with Danika,” the woman remarked.

Faulkner said that her family respects authority greatly.

The four-person family resides mostly in their home in New Jersey.

The majority of Harris’s family’s time is spent in their northern New Jersey home. Their home was also featured in Closer Weekly in 2017. The 4,300-square-foot home includes a rooftop terrace in addition to four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It may be found close to the Hudson River.

The pair also divides their time between their second residence, which is located around 20 miles north of the Mexican border. Additionally, the couple was often spotted with their kids, enjoying precious moments together in various picturesque locations.

In addition, Faulkner has a close relationship with her parents. She still maintains a healthy level of respect for her late mother, who passed away in 2016.

Who Is Tony Berlin, the Husband of Harris Faulkner?

Tony Berlin used to be well-known on television. He worked for more than ten years for a variety of TV networks, including WJCL-TV ABC, WSLS-TV NBC, and WHIO-TV CBS. Currently, he is the owner of Berlin Media Relations, a public relations firm that mostly represents financial professionals.

The native of Tucson, Arizona attended Occidental College in Los Angeles to study political science. He attended Amphitheater High School and played basketball.

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