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Drew Barrymore

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Celebrity IOU will soon be back on television for a second season of real appreciation. The hosts of the HGTV show bring eight celebrities to the set to surprise special people with a clandestine home renovation as a way of saying how much they value their unflagging support.

On Monday, November 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, “HGT V’s blockbuster hit Celebrity IOU,” which has inspired millions of viewers with its inspiring stories of gratitude and emotional home makeovers, will return with eight new star-studded episodes.

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“The series, which during its most recent run earlier this year attracted 16.8 million viewers and ranked as the top cable show for women, will include additional Hollywood A-listers who share personal experiences of deep gratitude for deserving friends or mentors.”

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The program will include eight celebrities, including American actress, producer, model, playwright, author, and voice actor Drew Barrymore.

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what Drew Barrymore is worth

Celebrity IOU will star Barrymore, who has appeared in front of the camera since she was a small child. She has worked hard for many years in the film industry and has played numerous roles, increasing her net worth to $125 million. The 1982 film E.T.

the Extra-Terrestrial by Steven Spielberg marked the start of the actor’s 47-year-long career when he was six years old. She was first seen in a commercial when she was a young child. She played a young character in Firestarter, Irreconcilable Differences, and Cat’s Eye.

The actress had a challenging upbringing because she grew up in the spotlight as the daughter of two prominent show business figures. The “media darling” developed alcohol and drug abuse at a young age and needed to be admitted to treatment to get better.

She put a lot of effort into rebuilding her life and her reputation in her twenties. She was in the movie Poison Ivy, which while having a dismal box office result, became a “cult classic.” Throughout the 1990s, Drew also made appearances in the movies Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer, and Doppelganger.

She continued to advance through the ranks and starred in the Charlie’s Angels television series, where she earned one of her lifetime’s highest salaries of $14 million.

Drew Barrymore participated in numerous movies, winning the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild. She co-founded Flower Films with Nancy Juvonen in 1995 and produced several movies with her as the lead actress. In addition to dominating the screen with her acting skills, the Celebrity IOU star also showed off her production skills.

Drew Barrymore spent $5.5 million on a Montecito home in 2010, which she then listed for about $7 million and sold for $6.35 million in 2014. In 2018, she sold a Hollywood Hills home for $16.5 million. Then Drew invested $5.5 million in a Hamptons property. Other famous people who have appeared on Celebrity IOU include Leslie Jordan, Cheryl Hines, Terry Crews, Wilmer Valderrama, Cindy Crawford, Kate Hudson, and Idina Menzel.

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