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Is Alex Bennett Pregnant? Know About Her Relationship History

Alex Bennet

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Alex Bennettt is well-known for co-hosting the Mean Girl podcast2. She also makes podcasts and is the founder and CEO of Just Media House.

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There are rumours going around that she might be pregnant, but these rumours are fairly new. We are going to find out today if Alex Bennettt is pregnant.

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Is Alex Bennett Having a Baby?

The sources say there is no news about her being pregnant. But it’s best to get information from trustworthy sources if you want to know if she is pregnant.

Dating History of Alex Bennettt?

In an interview with the New York Post, Bennettt said that “one of his investors set them up” so she and Hugman could start dating.

Just in time for the holidays in 2023, they became a couple on Instagram. You can see that they celebrated together on both of their social media pages.

This happy news came only four months after she revealed that she was divorcing her husband.

Does Alex Bennettt have a Husband?

As of April 2019, Alex Bennettt got married to Graham Bennettt. Graham is both the heir to a billionaire sports mogul and the CEO of a successful real estate construction company. They were always happy to show everyone their happy social media posts.

However, Alex’s social media activity with Graham changed a lot in July 2023, which led to rumours that they might be splitting up or having a hard time in their marriage.

In November 2023, on an episode of Mean Girl’s Podcast, Alex revealed that Graham had left five months before and that they were already getting a divorce. Alex Bennettt is now divorced.

What Causes the Rumors About Pregnancy Of Alex Bennett?

People started to wonder about Alex Bennettt’s pregnancy after seeing a post on r/NYCinfluencersnark that said she might be pregnant. But this hasn’t been proven, and there’s no proof to back up these claims. People in the neighbourhood where the post was made are known to talk about influential people and famous people.

In another tweet, Alex Bennettt says that she might be 22 weeks pregnant in a made-up situation. Still, this tweet doesn’t show that she has a child with her. The comment could be a joke or a guess.

As a result, the rumours that Alex Bennett is pregnant are not based on real proof or evidence. Also, it’s important to remember that rumours about someone’s pregnancy can be very hurtful and bothersome.

Because of this, privacy should be observed and false information should not be shared. But Alex Bennettt hasn’t said anything to confirm the rumours.

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