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Is Diana Taurasi Pregnant 2023 | Meet Her Wife Penny Taylor

Diana Taurasi

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2023: Is Diana Taurasi Expecting?

As of 2023, Diana Taurasi is not pregnant. She previously gave birth to two children with her wife, Penny Taylor: a girl named Brooklyn and a son named Leo. The couple has expressed a desire for a large family, but they do not currently have any plans to grow it. They want to cherish the time they have left with their present children and make sure they are ready for more before making any further decisions.

Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor have been vocal advocates of LGBTQ+ rights since their 2017 wedding. Both are openly gay and have strong relationships with their families and careers. Taurasi is a very successful basketball player who has three WNBA championships and five gold medals from the Olympics. She currently owns the record as the WNBA’s all-time leading scorer. There’s no indication that Taurasi and Taylor are expecting a second child at this time.

It is still possible, though, that they will choose to have another in the future. Their top priority is striking a work-life balance, and whether or not they decide to expand their family depends on how ready they are to make such a commitment. They are thriving in their careers, enjoying parenthood, and spending quality time with their two young children.

Meet Penny Taylor, the Wife of Diana Taurasi.

From 2004 to 2016, Australian-born Penny Taylor, a former professional basketball player, was a member of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) team, the Phoenix Mercury. There, she demonstrated her skill and dedication to the game by winning three WNBA titles and two Olympic silver medals. After Taylor and Diana Taurasi were drafted by the Mercury in 2004, they became friends. Their friendship and companionship quickly led to the development of their connection in 2005. The couple, who were married in May 2017, is enjoying parenthood together as they raise their son Leo and daughter Brooklyn.

Beyond basketball, they have a strong bond and unwavering support for one another’s career aspirations. Two well-known LGBTQ+ individuals, Taurasi and Taylor, have benefited outside of the courts by using their positions to advance LGBTQ+ rights.

When Taylor was admitted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2019, Taurasi got the opportunity to publicly laud her spouse. She called Taylor the love of her life, her best friend, and her soul mate. Taurasi and Taylor break down barriers for same-sex partnerships with their unwavering devotion. Their advocacy and accomplishments have a lasting impact, proving the power of commitment and love.

Diana Taurasi Family

Because of their close relationship, Diana Taurasi’s family has been a major source of support for her throughout her life and career. Her parents, Mario and Liliana Taurasi, left Argentina for America. In Italy, Mario was a professional soccer player, and Liliana spent her time raising her children at home. Taurasi has an elder sister named Jessika who is also a sports enthusiast and has professional experience in the WNBA and overseas, in addition to her parents.

When Taurasi and Penny Taylor joined the Phoenix Mercury as teammates in 2004, their family expanded. Their friendship began in 2005 and blossomed into a romantic relationship that ended in marriage in 2017. Their two children are a girl named Brooklyn Taurasi-Taylor and a boy named Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor. Taurus places a high importance on family. She is appreciative of her parent’s unwavering support and that of her tiny family.

Whether they are just hanging around or playing games together, Taurus cherishes the time they have spent together. The way Penny Taylor went from being a successful player to the director of Mercury shows how committed they are to their families and careers. Leo and Brooklyn are still in favor of their parents’ infatuation with basketball and each other.

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