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Who Is Andrés Parra Esposa Diana Cáliz | Divorce And Relationship Timeline

Andrés Parra

Born in Cali, Colombia, on September 18, 1977, Andrés Alfredo Parra Medina is a well-known actor who has appeared in theater, television, and movies. His most well-known roles include that of “President” in the television series El Pincel, “El Patrón del Mal de Caracol Televisión,” a series starring Escobar, and “La pasión de Gabriel,” a film.

Parra got his start in amateur theater at the age of eleven, which marked the beginning of his acting career. His first instructor, Patricia Llinás, helped him realize his love for acting, and he later enrolled in the Teatro Libre Actors Training School. Parra’s dedication to his trade allowed him to further hone his abilities through a variety of training courses.

Who Is Diana Cáliz, the wife of Andrés Parra? Separation

Renowned actor Andrés Alfredo Parra Medina is acknowledged for his extraordinary talent, accomplishments in his career, and capacity to lead a quiet and secluded existence. Despite being a well-liked and well-known public figure, he would rather keep his personal and sexual relationships out of the spotlight. Andrés was happily married to Caliz, a lovely woman who supported and loved him too. They were delighted to have a kid together, who made their family happy and whole.

In a podcast episode that was streamed on Spotify, Andrés Parra opened up to his coworker Santiago Alarcón about both his personal and professional lives. Parra left no doubt about his decision to dissolve his union with Diana Cáliz by speaking candidly and freely about it. Andrés purposefully stays out of the spotlight and stirs up controversy to maintain a calm and drama-free lifestyle. He is aware of how critical it is to keep his family’s environment tranquil and in harmony so that their happiness and well-being can flourish.

Details about Andres Parra’s Career

The gifted person refined his skills in Production with Clarisa Ruiz from Colombia, Clown with Miguel Borrás from France, Theater Games with Clive Barker from England, and Stage Makeup with Inda Blatch Geib from the United States. Parra’s life has continued to revolve around the theater, and he has appeared on stage in several shows.

He performed in plays directed by Patricia Llinás, including El Hombre de La Mancha, Tiempos de Fidel, I “doing” Panamá, Bodas de Sangre, Xochi y Pilly, and Instant Happiness, between 1991 and 1998. He gave another outstanding performance in La Orestiada in 1998. Andrés Alfredo Parra Medina’s reputation as a highly regarded actor in the Colombian entertainment industry has been cemented by his remarkable career trajectory and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Under Paola Benjumea’s direction, Andrés Parra performed in the play El país de los juguetes in 2004 to demonstrate his acting abilities. Three years later, in 2007, he took part in Ramses Ramos’s theater production of Sin Mente. His career took off in 2010 when he was cast in the lead in the highly praised play The Pillowman (El Hombre Almohada), which won the best production award for the year. With a performance that was directed by Pedro Salazar, Andrés enthralled audiences.

Andrés Parra teaches acting in addition to his acting profession. He has directed productions of well-known plays such as El Retablo de las Maravillas by Miguel de Cervantes, The Comedy of Mistakes by William Shakespeare, and The Bourgeois Gentleman by Molière. He has also conducted studies in the area and directed a lab that looked at how women are portrayed in Shakespeare’s plays.

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