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Is Greg Gutfeld Gay? Truth About Gay Rumor

Greg Gutfeld

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The famous Greg Gutfeld never tells anyone about the little things that happen in his life. It gets harder for a popular person to hide their data as they try to do so.

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Even though you might be wondering about Greg Gutfeld’s sexual orientation today, I’m here to tell you that he is straight and married to a stunning woman.

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They do not plan to have children together, though. This page will answer all of your questions about his sexuality.

There is a TV show host, comedian, and writer who is getting a lot of attention right now because he is gay and supports LGBTQ+ rights.

Does Greg Gutfeld Identify as Gay?

Without a doubt, Greg Gutfeld is not gay. They’ve been married since 2004 and their name is Elena Moussa. It seems that the rumors about his sexuality began because he openly supports the LGBTQ+ community and talks about gay weddings on his show.

There is, however, no evidence for these claims. It’s important to remember that supporting LGBTQ+ rights doesn’t always mean someone is gay.

Is Greg Gutfeld Married? Relationship

Yes, guys. Gutfeld is now married. In 2004, they got married. Elena Moussa used to be a model in Russia. Now she works for Maxim Russia as a fashion stylist and picture editor. He met the photographer and director when he lived in London for three years.

After going out together for five months, they married at New York City’s City Hall. When she was 40, she attended Parsons School of Design and the New York Fashion Institute of Technology.

One source says that Moussa started her design business, The Moussa Project, in 2011. She has a lot of social media sites, but only a few of them are about the fashion and home designs she makes.

Rumors About Greg

When Greg Gutfeld spoke out in support of LGBTQ+ people and gay marriage on the show “The Five,” rumors about him being gay possibly began.

He said that gay weddings could be used by Republicans to “antagonize the left.” Again, it has been said that he opened the first gay Islamic pub in New York City, which was close to the Park51 Islamic community center. However, these claims don’t seem to be true since Greg Gutfeld is not gay.

Greg responded to these rumors mockingly and funnily by suggesting that a gay pub be built right next to the Park51 Islamic community center in New York City12.

“I want to build and open the first gay bar that serves gay men from the East as well as gay Islamic men.” To make my point that I really want an open conversation about that subject, I would put it on an empty business space near Park51 mosque. I promise this is true. A lot of people I’ve talked to have promised to back this effort to understand and be tolerant, regardless of party, he said.

He then said,

“As you know, Islam is very strict about homosexuality, so I’m going to build a pub.” [ ] It was his way of putting an end to the rumours and protecting his relationships with LGBTQ+ people.

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