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Jay Mohr: Divorced Ex Wife Nikki Cox Twice Within 6 Months

Jay Mohr

In 2016, actor Jay Mohr filed for divorce from his wife Nikki Cox twice in less than six months.

After nine years of marriage, Jay Mohr filed for divorce for the first time in July 2016, citing irreconcilable differences in documents.

According to People, the couple had a prenuptial agreement that included spousal support terms.

However, only six days after filing the divorce papers, the actor called it off.

“We are very married, very in love, and that’s all there is,” the actor told People after requesting that his previous plea be dismissed.

Mohr reportedly filed for divorce from his wife for the second time in December 2016, despite his decision to withdraw his divorce request.

He stated in the documents, as he did previously, that the two were divorcing due to irreconcilable differences.

Jay Mohr Alleged Wife Nikki Cox of Drug and Mental Health Issues

Mohr claimed that his ex-wife, Cox, struggled with both drug and mental health issues a few months after filing for divorce for the second time.

In doing so, the former Saturday Night Live cast member requested sole physical custody of their son, Meredith Daniel Cox Mohr, who was born in 2011.

He also requested joint legal custody, with Cox being granted “reasonable visitation with Meredith, which shall be professionally monitored.”

The actor also revealed in the new filing that he and his ex-wife “have continued to reside in the same residence” with their son since filing divorce papers in December.

He went on to say that their “living situation has become extremely confusing and untenable, and our son is suffering.”

According to the documents, “I had no choice but to obtain alternate housing for myself and our son due to the increasing hostility in our home, Nikki’s ongoing refusal to attend to her mental health issues…her drug abuse, and her failure to respect boundaries.”

Nikki Cox Allegedly Planned to Kill Herself

Mohr went on to reveal in the documents filed in March 2017 that Cox repeatedly asked him to drive her to the Universal Hilton, a hotel in Los Angeles, so she could commit suicide.

Not only that, but the actor’s ex-wife, a well-known actress, allegedly came to the guest bedroom in the middle of the night, where the actor slept when the couple was separated and attempted to “seduce” him.

She even told him she thought she was pregnant again, which turned out to be false.

“Nikki told me in January (2017) that she thought she was pregnant. Because I am azoospermic, this news meant that either a miracle had occurred, Nikki had been impregnated by another man, or she was lying. “She assured me that it was mine,” the actor said in a statement.

Meanwhile, she was making poor mothering decisions and was less concerned about the couple’s child. Despite living in the same house, she allegedly did not interact with her son for several days.

Mohr’s plea was approved in August 2018 after a couple of divorce filings and multiple accusations against Cox. Their agreement, however, was kept secret.

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