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Tina Burner: Bad Romance, Graham Norton’s Torrid Love Affair

Tina Burner

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From the early to mid-noughties, Tina Burner and Graham Norton were in each other’s orbit.

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Norton described the relationship as “a whirlwind romance, and a disastrous one at that,” but it was still a relationship.

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So when Burner’s Drag Race co-star Rosé, real name Ross McCorkell, referred to his relationship as a fling, he had to correct him.

Tina Burner Defended Graham Norton Relationship

Burner agreed, “I like the way you say fling. I was in a relationship at the time.” He even went on to sing Norton’s praises. (Source: Huffington Post)

The drag queen explained how his relationship was scrutinized by the public because of Norton’s fame and fandom.

Burner remembered random people hurling wild accusations at her.

I recall people passing judgment on me without even knowing who I was: ‘Are you after his money?’ Are you like this? ‘Are you like that?’ People, after all, want to form their own opinions.

“Graham is so famous that your life is just like put on a platform,” he explained.

The burner also praised Norton for not letting fame get to his head and for remaining humble throughout his career.

“It was the most incredible thing,” he said.

Graham Norton and Tina Burner’s First Date

Norton was smitten on the other side of the fence. The talk show host recalled seeing Burner for the first time at New York’s Barracuda bar in his 2014 memoir, The Life And Loves Of A He Devil.

He described the man as “tall and broad-shouldered with an easy smile that took up half his face.”

Despite first impressions, Norton’s peers were skeptical of their relationship.

In retrospect, Norton also admitted that based solely on his behavior, Burner wasn’t exactly “great boyfriend material.” Nonetheless, Norton noticed something that others did not.

What they couldn’t see was the special spark that burns within him: when he decides to shine his light on you, you feel just as special as he does.

Graham Norton labeled the relationship a failure.

As one might expect from a whirlwind romance, the couple dated on and off during their time together.

They only moved in together after their first breakup, at Norton’s London home, but that, too, did not last.

“The experiment lasted about six months and was a flop,” Norton wrote in his memoir.

When Norton reflected on those times later, he admitted that the outcome of that romance would have been obvious even to a stranger.

However, Norton was also aware that such a realization could not have occurred to him while he was still in the relationship.

“You’re desperate for it to work, and you’re willing to try anything,” he added.

Tina Burner Divorced Graham Norton

The burner was eventually the one who called it quits for good.

“The insanity was over,” Norton observed. “But no shouting or histrionics this time, just some slow, heavy tears shed over lunch in an empty restaurant.”

The British talk show host also admitted openly that he walked back home cloaked in the shallow comfort of knowing that “a man in his mid-forties could still feel such heartache.”

Norton, for one, believes he would have been in a better romantic place if he hadn’t been gay and if he hadn’t been so focused on his career, according to Mirror.

Norton has since witnessed his ex-boyfriend embrace his drag queen persona, and he has been quoted as saying, “It appears to be the ideal job for him… He gets paid to brag and drink.”

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