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Kendra Wilkinson: Dating Status, Her Divorce From Her Ex Husband

Kendra Wilkinson

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Kendra Wilkinson announced on Twitter in October 2018 that she had signed her “last divorce paper.”

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In April of that year, she filed for divorce from her husband, Hank Baskett.

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Wilkinson has been an open book about her dating life since her divorce. But does she currently have a boyfriend?

After Divorce, Kendra Wilkinson Is Looking for Love

At the moment, the Girls Next Door star is not in a committed relationship. She has, however, been casually dating men in search of the perfect partner.

In an interview with People ahead of the November 2021 release of her new series Kendra Sells Hollywood, she stated that she was open to the idea of dating.

“I never really felt ready until now,” Wilkinson admitted. “But now I want to explore that other side of myself, and I hope to rediscover love. I want to fill my house with the energy of others. It’ll be great to have that back.”

Kendra Wilkinson’s Post-Divorce Dating History

After her divorce was finalized, the reality TV star dated former Bachelorette contestant Chad Johnson in an attempt to find love again.

In early 2019, she was linked to Johnson after the two were seen getting cozy while out to dinner in Los Angeles.

“For the millionth and final time. I’m not currently dating, “She, on the other hand, tweeted in January of that year. “I’m pretty much a [expletive] virgin.”

At the same time, her best friend, Jessica Hall, told Us Weekly that she wished to see her friend with a family man.

She stated this while revealing that Wilkinson was also looking for a compatible spouse.

Hall continued, “She doesn’t want the limelight or the fame. She wants a guy who just wants to go camping with her and barbecue.”

She was linked to Donald “DJ” Friese and then to a mystery man after the Johnson chapter. In terms of the latter, the California native was seen with him in Los Angeles in April 2020.

Kendra Wilkinson Is Preoccupied with Raising Children

Aside from dating, Wilkinson is focused on providing a good upbringing for her two children, whom she shares with her ex-husband, Baskett.

The former couple had their first child, son Hank Baskett IV, in 2009, and their second child, daughter Alijah Mary Baskett, in 2014.

In a previous interview with People, she even stated that she was a single mother trying to raise her children well while also exploring herself.

According to her, she was still on good terms with her ex, as both were committed to co-parenting the children.

Furthermore, Wilkinson and Baskett married when they were very young. The couple reportedly married in 2009.

However, as a married couple, the two frequently faced various problems, ranging from his lack of career longevity to his Super Bowl fiasco to her postpartum depression to his infidelity to money and career problems.

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