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Know About Jessica McRaney: The Daughter Of Gerald McRaney

Jessica McRaney

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Gerald McRaney, an accomplished television and film actor, is the father of Jessica McRaney, a well-known person.

Net value

Jessica has kept her private affairs secret. Her net worth is still unclear as a result. One of the elder actors, Gerald, has accumulated significant wealth through his lucrative professional performances. A dedicated actor who gives his all to his work is well-liked by the critics and has a successful profession with his wife right now. As of January 2023, Jessica McRaney’s estimated net worth is $8 million.

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The television programs Simon & Simon, Major Dad, Promised Land, and House of Cards are where Gerald is best known for his work. A Holiday Romance, The Team Night of Bloody Horror, The Brain Machine, and Hansel and Gretel are a few of his notable productions.

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Gerald McRaney had previously wed Beverly Root in 1966 before getting married to Angus McRaney and Kate McRaney Thrice. Their union has produced two children. He remarried casting director Pat Moran in 1981. From their marriage, they had a single child. Delta Burke, an actress, was his third wife, whom he wed in 1989.

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His first two marriages didn’t work out. His first union with Beverly ended in divorce in 1971. Much longer than his first marriage, his second to Pat ended in divorce. They got a divorce after eight years of marriage. He wed his third wife in 1989, the same year they divorced.

Following their first date at the Emmys, Gerald and actress Burke had a committed relationship. He proposed to his then-girlfriend, who is now his wife, on their second date. Since there was already competition among the men to ask her out, he didn’t want to miss the chance. Gerald and Delta have been married to their third wife for a very long time.

They have over three decades of happy marriage behind them. She made a guest appearance on one of Gerald’s episodes of Simon & Simon in 1987, where the two first got to know each other.

They had a brief courtship before getting engaged. They supported each other through their tough times by becoming one other’s pillars. Gerald stood by her side as she struggled with diabetes, mood swings, and hopelessness. In the same vein, Delta supported Gerald when he battled cancer. They serve as an illustration of a supporting union.

In 2004, Gerald received a cancer diagnosis. As a part of his cancer treatment, he had his lung removed. He underwent surgery at the Houston M.D. Anderson Cancer Center when he was 56 years old.

On May 28, 1989, they were married at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Delta looked beautiful in her wedding dress.


The younger brother of Jessica McRaney is Angus. Her brother Angus was born deaf. Her lone paternal half-sibling is Kate McRaney.

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