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Kyle Abrams And Tania Leanos Have Announced Their Relationship Officially

Kyle Abrams

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Kyle Abrams, who starred in the second season of Love is Blind, appears to have discovered love again. Kyle posted an Instagram video on November 18 after breaking up with Deepti Vempati, in which he and his new girlfriend Tania Leanos can be seen relishing each other’s company.

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Additionally, Tania Leanos uploaded a video containing multiple photographs of the couple from various occasions. According to her LinkedIn profile, Tania founded DFC (DeLeanos Financial Corp) and has served as vice president of the company for 11 years.

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Recently, she was observed performing alongside Kenia Leanos at the Sunset KeniaLea.Co Fashion Show and she frequently collaborate with Kenia’s clothing company on Instagram.

Tania Leanos, the fiancée of Kyle Abrams, is a financial consultant.

Leanos has experience in the fields of business, psychology, criminal law, and journalism. She received an associate’s degree in political science and government from Trinton College.

Tania obtained a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and corrections from the University of Illinois Chicago in 2020.

In addition, she has spent the last five years as an advisor at DFC, where she has sold life insurance, retirement insurance, and a variety of other annuities to consumers. Ketchup is a white Shih Tzu that belongs to Tania.

Kyle Abrams announced his divorce from Deepti in September 2022 and revealed that he had “entered into a new relationship,” but did not disclose the identity of the mystery woman.

Deepti had previously told supporters of Love is Blind that it was difficult for her to observe Kyle continue to struggle because she cared about him. Deepti stated further:

“However, I’ve met (Kyle’s girlfriend) before, and she’s extremely kind; I only wish him the best.”

Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati are romantically linked

Kyle Abrams met Shaina Hurley in the pods, and despite their religious differences, they endeavored to make their relationship work. In contrast, Shaina abandoned Kyle in episode 6 to pursue a relationship with Shayne.

Deepti married Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee in Love is Blind’s second season. During Deepti’s participation in the experiment, Shake slandered her and stated that she was not physically attractive. During the vows, Deepti brazenly rejected Shake, declaring:

“I’m going to choose myself and say no.”

Shake was reprimanded by Deepti’s sibling for making comments about her physique and fears. Kyle admitted at the reunion that he had made an error and should have proposed to Deepti.

In March 2022, the couple was seen together in Wicker Park, Chicago, after having begun dating. Kyle and Deepti appeared on Love Is Blind, with Deepti remarking after the Altar, “Love is blind.”

Sincerely, I just want to be with him constantly. Deepti expressed her desire to marry Kyle Abrams and stated that she could envision spending the remainder of her life with him.

At the conclusion of the performance, however, the couple announced that they were no longer together. Deepti explained to Entertainment Tonight that they decided to separate because they were on “different roads” and desired “different things out of life.”

Deepti stated in a different interview that the couple’s inability to communicate and the constraints of the “outside world” had harmed their relationship and led to their divorce. There is currently no Season 2 Love is Blind couple.

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