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Liz Bonis

Liz Bonis

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Liz Bonis- Biography

Liz Bonis is a Caucasian anchor, reporter, dietician, personal trainer, and health educator who was born on the 6th of December in an undetermined year in an undisclosed section of the United States. She is unquestionably best recognized to the globe for her significant presence on television, most notably as Local 12’s health anchor and medical reporter. She has also had a number of additional accomplishments in her sometimes lucrative journalism career since an unknown date.

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What is the Net Worth of Liz Bonis? Salary, Earnings

According to many credible sources, Liz’s entire amassed wealth is estimated to be close to $1.5 million. She’s made a fortune by offering her health knowledge to numerous media outlets and advising the public on how to improve the nation’s wellness, most notably as a health anchor and medical reporter for Cincinnati’s WKRC-TV (Local 12). As her career progresses, the aforementioned sum is certain to rise.

Liz Bonis- Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Education

Liz was reared in her hometown by her father, Austin Bonis, a statistics professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Business, and her mother, whose name and occupation are unknown. She appears to be an only child. When it comes to her early hobbies, there isn’t much information available to shed light on specifics concerning this period of her life, though she is thought to have had a fondness for health-related disciplines.

This was especially true later in life, as it is known that Liz had an even stronger motivation to study human health and how to improve it after the death of her father to cancer in 1981, combined with the fact that she was an overweight child prior to that. In terms of education, she originally attended an undisclosed local high school in her birthplace before matriculating at an unclear date. She subsequently decided to extend her education by enrolling in the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Applied Science, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree on an unknown date. She then attended Syracuse University, where she earned a Master of Science degree in public communications and journalism in radio and television news.

Liz Bonis- Relationship, Boyfriend

In terms of her romantic relationships, there is almost little information available from trustworthy media sources that may adequately explain this aspect of her life. Liz, herself prefers to keep information about her lovers secret, and she has yet to respond to any fan questions. Nothing is known about her early relationships or current situation. She has never been spotted attending any public events in particular male companies, and her social media profiles reveal no one who fans suspect. There has also been no debate about her. Liz is now single and straight, based on the information that is accessible, or the lack thereof.

Liz Bonis- Professional Career

Almost no information on Liz’s career beginnings can be found in trustworthy media sources. However, before she began earning a living, she used to volunteer for Rochester Radio while still in college, where she offered a variety of nutrition-related information. She began doing this without the media, but soon realized that having a public outlet would allow her to assist more people.

She was an established health guru with her own website prior to her first known paid work experience. Liz began working as a reporter and fill-in anchor for WOKR-TV and WJLA in Washington DC at an unknown point in time. She held these jobs for an indefinite period of time while continuing to educate the nation through a newsletter for women called “The Lazy Way to Lighten Up” and by co-hosting “The Liz and Carson Show” in the early morning hours, as well as “Lighten up with Liz” — a radio call-in health program.

WKRC-Arrival TV’s (Local 12)

Liz finally moved to her current work in 2002, when she joined Local 12 as a health anchor and medical reporter. As such, she is in charge of Cincinnati radio’s weekly health reporting in a show called “What’s Happening in Health,” as well as a Sunday morning show that covers a variety of health topics. She also anchors the noon news program, which focuses on the day’s most important health headlines. She continues to play the aforementioned roles to this day.

Her Loving Heart

Liz is a known contributor to several benign causes, as evidenced by her own Local 12 profile page, and has previously done vital volunteer work for some of them. These organizations include, but are not limited to, the American Heart Association, Crossroads Community Church, Cancer Family Care, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, American Cancer Society, and others. She is also a well-versed and qualified diabetes instructor, and she presents multiple health seminars and education programs in the Tri-State area and other areas of the United States, where she discusses diabetes treatment, good nutrition and exercise, general wellness, and women’s health.

A Multi-Task Journalist

Liz has previously worked with a variety of media outlets, including KOMO-TV in Seattle, KATU-TV in Portland, WSBT-TV in South Bend, KATV-TV in Little Rock, WCIV-TV in Mount Pleasant, WOAI-TV in San Antonio, WSYX-TV in Columbus, WSES-TV in Birmingham, and many more, according to her profile. Her most recent essay, which concerns Hoxworth Blood Centers’ request for platelet donations, may be seen here.

Social Media Details

Because of social media’s ever-expanding hold on global audiences, it is in most celebrities’ best interests to keep their followers updated about their activities in order to maintain and maybe enhance their rating and profit. Liz is no stranger to this trendy trend, as her commitment to updating her public profiles and connecting with her admirers is at an all-time high. Her Facebook profile has over 15,000 followers, and her Twitter account has over 5,000 followers, however, her Instagram account is secret.

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