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Lucas Cruikshank: Exemplary Chemistry, His Boyfriend Matthew Fawcus

Lucas Cruikshank

Lucas Cruikshank and his boyfriend, Matthew Fawcus, are head over heels in love! Anyone with one and a half eyes closed could tell just by scrolling through either of their Instagram pages.

Lucas Cruikshank and his boyfriend dated in private for a few years before either of them made the relationship public.

Many of you may be unaware that this gay romance has been going strong for just a week shy of 9 years as of this writing.

On that note, Cruikshank was the one who made the news of his boyfriend public via a YouTube video.

As if that wasn’t enough for fans to fall in love with the two sweethearts, Cruikshank revealed his relationship with Fawcus in an interview with Super Fame.

The Nickelodeon star also revealed that they were living in Australia at the time (2015) and that he would be visiting his boyfriend’s family soon.

Lucas Cruikshank met his boyfriend through Facebook

Once upon a time, in 2012, Fawcus, an Australian resident, was in the United States. They happened to be at the same club by pure coincidence.

“Lucas was there underage,” Fawcus told the publication. Still, they were staring at each other from afar and eventually added each other on Facebook.

Yes, their romance predates Instagram slide-ins — they’ve been together for a long time!

The couple did, however, start their conversations on Facebook. They have yet to agree on whether Fawcus added Cruikshank on Facebook first or simply messaged him.

They do agree on one thing: they met thanks to YouTuber Kingsley, who introduced them.

Firsts for Lucas Cruikshank and Matthew Fawcus

Cruikshank and his boyfriend went out for the first time and got some Pinkberry and drove around listening to Demi Lovato and Paris Hilton.

Even so, neither of them knows if that is to be considered their first date.

“We never knew if it was a date,” admitted Lucas. “We both felt creepily shy about it.”

Their first kiss didn’t happen until their fourth date, according to their list of firsts. It’s difficult to know when the first date was without an established first date, but Fawcus had this to say:

By the fourth date, I was thinking, [expletive] this is [expletive]. This is ridiculous, but I’m going to kiss him. I then kissed him.

Lucas Cruikshank’s Debut

Cruikshank came out as gay shortly before making his relationship public.

According to the New York Daily News, the then-19-year-old came out through a YouTube video with the assistance of his friend Jennifer Veal.

The video was a Q&A session in which the duo answered Twitter questions. A fan asked about Cruikshank’s sexual orientation in one of his questions.

“I’m gay,” Cruikshank exclaimed, bursting out laughing. “It’s strange saying it on camera.”

He went on to say that it had been an open secret among his friends and family and that he had never felt the need to publicly declare his preference.

Soon after, he asked the Disney star, “How come you didn’t have to make a video saying you’re gay?”

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