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Maegan Hall And Her Husband Jedidiah Have Children; A Tennessee Cop Is Arrested And Accused

Maegan Hall

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Jedidiah Hall, Maegan Hall’s spouse, confronted Maegan about an affair and is now “working to restore his marriage.”

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The partner of a rogue police officer who had multiple flings with office colleagues is helping his wife.

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After having sex with six of her male colleagues, including having oral sex with one of them while on the job, Maegan Hall, 26, was sacked from her employment as a police officer in La Vergne, Tennessee, while claiming to be in an “open marriage.”

The pastor’s son Jedidiah Hall, though, allegedly “wasn’t really on board” with the plan, according to an internal investigation, and finally challenged his four-year-old wife for adultery.

Children of Maegan Hall and Her Husband

As the police officer hasn’t shared much information on the Maegan Hall Kids, Jedidiah Maegan seems to be quite private about her personal information.

Meagan and Jedidiah, who had been dating since their undergraduate days, are said to have been married in November 2018.

Sadly, little information on her spouse was discovered since the case is still active and the police have not disclosed anything about Maegan Hall Kids or her husband.

Additionally, in March of last year, the couple bought their first home together in Manchester, Tennessee, which is situated 60 miles south of Nashville.

Officer Maegan Hall is allegedly accused of engaging in odd sexual acts with her coworkers, including sending sexual images, taking off her top at a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub party, and even having oral sex with two other officers at the La Vergne, Tennessee, Police station, according to WTVF TV.

She is also allegedly accused of removing her top at a “Girls Gone Wild” hot tub party

Sgt. Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Ty McGowan and Detective Seneca Shields were also fired as a result of Sgt. Hall’s seductive behavior, which included boasting about the size of one partner’s genitalia and claiming to be in an “open marriage,” according to a December internal investigation.

Despite being suspected of having relationships with Hall, two other police officers, Patrick Magliocco, and Larry Holladay, apparently continued their employment until being suspended, according to the sources.

The adulterous encounters happened on a boat, during events at other officials’ homes, and in hotels. Additionally, the internal report dated December 28 states that while employed at the Police gym and station, Hall had oral sex with Powell and Shields.

After La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole learned that Hall was engaging in adulterous liaisons with multiple other Police officers and engaging in a threesome with Magliocco and his wife, among other things, investigators started into the promiscuous officers’ disordered personal lives.

When questioned about the tip, Magliocco allegedly acknowledged having sex with Hall “several times.”

According to the report, he admitted to police that Powell had sex with him while they were both at work and that Hall had told him about her “big black d-k”.

A kiss between Hall and Holladay was allegedly seen by Magliocco, according to the newspaper, while they watched football at a party. Hall allegedly kissed his wife Amy after learning of their “open marriage,” according to him.

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