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Meet George Reed Wife Angie Reed | Kids And Family

George Reed

Canadian Football League and American collegiate football legend George Robert Reed, who was born on October 2, 1939, was an exceptional individual. Reed debuted with the Washington State University Cougars in the Pacific-8 Conference from 1959 to 1962. During that time, he demonstrated his expertise. Hugh Campbell, an additional Canadian Football Hall of Fame inductee, and established a formidable partnership during that period.

Reed assumed a position in the annals of CFL history alongside luminaries such as Mike Pringle and Johnny Bright due to his extraordinary prowess as a running back. He was ranked as the second finest player in the modern era of the CFL by TSN in November 2006, in recognition of his heroic career. Reed played professionally for the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the duration of his thirteen-year CFL career.

Meet George Reed’s Wife Angie Reed

Lifelong companion Angie Reed was the spouse of the legendary CFL player George Reed. Commencing a splendid voyage together, the married couple solemnized their matrimonial union on August 19, 1961. Angie Reed was a devoted supporter and diehard admirer of her late spouse, despite the paucity of information regarding her. Angie Reed is 62 years old, according to available information as of October 2023.

Undoubtedly, Angie is experiencing a difficult time in light of George’s untimely death on October 1, 2023, which occurred one day before his 84th birthday. She has not, nevertheless, expressed her emotions publicly since the tragic news; she has elected to mourn in private. Angie Reed, the spouse of George Reed, exhibits a high degree of secrecy, preferring to spend these difficult times surrounded by her family.

Her possible whereabouts are obscured by this. Angie appears to be an antiquated contrarian to the majority of people in the digital age regarding social media. It is admirable that Angie Reed chooses to maintain the privacy of her personal life at a time when public figures frequently share their lives and sentiments on social media. This provides her with the opportunity and solitude to organize her emotions in response to her loss and seek comfort in the company of her cherished ones.

Throughout his extraordinary career, Angie Reed, the spouse of the legendary football player George, stood by his side. Angie Reed’s devotion to her late spouse and her decision to grieve in private are qualities that can be respected despite our limited knowledge of her. Throughout this trying time, she has our deepest condolences.

Angie Reed Is The Mother To Her Three Kids

Keith, Vicki, and Georgette are the daughters of Angie Reed, the deceased George Reed’s spouse. Keith was born on February 18, 1962, and the couple welcomed their second child, Georgette, on January 26, 1967, and Vicki on June 2, 1966. Between the mid-1960s and 1984, the Reeds established residence in Regina. Away from the media, Angie and her children have always maintained a low profile. Whether Keith and Vicki pursued a football career like their father or opted for an alternative trajectory, remains uncertain.

However, throughout history, the Reed family has consistently demonstrated mutual support. Angie and Georgette discussed Establishing a GoFundMe Campaign to Assist the Former Roughrider with Mobility Issues with family acquaintance Eric Johnson before George’s passing. Fundraising for an additional physiotherapy treatment and knee splint was the primary objective of the campaign. Angie and her children have further commiserated in private with her family since the demise of George. Angie, who places her family as her highest priority, is undoubtedly a private individual.

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