Naruto’s Ten Akatsuki

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Naruto’s Ten Akatsuki Members, From Youngest To Oldest

Naruto’s Ten Akatsuki

Since the Zeon Principality in Mobile Suit Gundam and the Ginyu Force in Dragon Ball Z, Akatsuki in Naruto was one of the most potent team threats.

The group’s goal was to seal the Tailed Beasts and improve the planet, but each member brought their unique talents, skills, and attitudes to the group.

However, they were all tricked because the group served as a front for the goals of Madara and Obito Uchiha. The two Uchiha were deceived by the old Black Zetsu, who wanted to bring back Kaguya Otsutsuki, his mother.

Akatsuki had a wide range of members, from the aforementioned elderly Black Zetsu to younger and more attractive individuals like the expert in clay bombs Deidara.

Ten members of the Akatsuki appear in Naruto, listed in order of age. Spoilers for Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are present in this article. Relative ages will be supplied if a concrete age cannot be ascertained.

Note 2: Due to the enormous number of Akatsuki members, only the permanent members are named; temporary friends like Sasuke or Orochimaru are not taken into account. Ten members of Naruto’s Akatsuki are listed in order of youth to age.

10) Yahiko, a 15-year-old

When Yahiko was alive, he was similar to Naruto Uzumaki, the newest member of the Akatsuki and its co-founder alongside Konan and Nagato. Like Naruto, Yahiko was determined to take charge of the Hidden Rain Village. Yahiko held the Social Darwinist principles of “Survival of the Fittest” and “Eye for an Eye,” in contrast to Naruto.

Yahiko was also known as the charismatic leader of the group, and he started putting together the first Akatsuki as a peacekeeping force. Yahiko aspired to use his abilities to discharge fire, water, and wind to improve the world with the aid of Akatsuki.

Sadly, it didn’t last long because Yahiko killed himself to prevent Nagato from having to decide whether to kill Konan or him when the leader of the Hidden Rain, Hanzo, forced him to.

After Yahiko’s passing, Nagato thought there was no hope for the planet. Yahiko’s body would evolve into the Deva Path of Pain, serving as the main channel for the transmission of Pain’s messages.

Deidara (9)

The youngest member of Akatsuki, this explosion-obsessed artist comes from the Hidden Stone Village. Deidara left his town after acquiring one of his clan’s Kim Justus, allowing him to apply chakra to anything in his hands that had mouths. He discovered art in an instant (art that only exists for a split second) after killing his pursuers, and then went on to wreak general mayhem as a bomber on numerous militants throughout various countries.

Despite his calm and laid-back attitude, his wicked arsonist mentality would always surface in a battle. He committed himself to create his explosive art and boasted about it to everybody who would listen.

Due to his defeat in his proving match against Itachi’s Sharingan, Deidara’s enlistment was unique. He never lost sight of Itachi’s Sharingan and used C4 to combat genjutsu.

Deidara lost his left arm to Gaara’s sand before Deidara and Sasori could eventually catch Gaara. It was unsuccessful to fight Team 7 and Team Guy since Kakashi’s Kamui cut his left arm, forcing him to use a clone bomb to simulate his demise.

His major tactics involved tricking adversaries and subtly using his clay, such as hiding it in Gaara’s gourd or trapping Sasuke between a dragon and explosives. He was incredibly cunning. Sadly, it frequently suffered as a result of his artistic creations, which resulted in his demise in Naruto Shippuden versus Sasuke.

Itachi Uchiha (8)

In his brief existence, Itachi Uchiha has accomplished a great deal, from destroying the Uchiha Clan to joining the Akatsuki and thwarting Kabuto and Orochimaru’s schemes. This entry will only discuss his time with Akatsuki.

After joining Akatsuki, he was partnered up with Juzo Biwa initially. The group was tasked with completing a mission in the Land of Water where they had to battle Yagura, the Three-Tails Jinchuriki. Itachi killed Juzo when he was taking down Yagura.

Itachi retaliated when Orochimaru tried to take his body. Itachi was crucial in luring in Hidan and Deidara shortly after he was paired up with the shark-like Kisame Hoshigaki.

The senior Uchiha once had a deadly illness and had made up his mind to pass away at Sasuke’s hands. He made an effort, but his plans for Sasuke fell short. After being healed, he told Sasuke everything he knew about the Uchiha Clan and that the senior Uchiha had told him that he would always love him.

When Itachi trusted Naruto to keep Sasuke on the right path, Naruto kept his word.

7) Hidan

(age 22): Hidan, along with Kakuzu, is one half of the appropriately named “Zombie Combo,” a lost ninja from the Hidden Steam Village. After venting his anger at his village becoming a tourist destination in the aptly named Valley of Hell, he massacred his neighbors and joined the cult-like Jashin. He was granted immortality as a result.

His opponents were surprised by his stern and masochistic tone because he was incapable of dying and could withstand possibly fatal wounds. Hidan’s ultimate method of possessing victims by ingesting their blood might combine the two, turning his injuries into those of his adversary. This killed Asuma Sarutobi, who was then dismembered by Shikamaru Nara and buried beneath a cave.

He may still be alive, but the last time anyone saw him, he was steadily deteriorating from starvation.

Obito Uchiha (6)

Obito Uchiha was trapped under debris and narrowly survived when Rin was killed and disguised himself as Madara. After the Akatsuki was founded, he spent a considerable amount of time traveling as Tobi before stealing Pain’s leadership and killing Konan.

He would commit murder, betrayal, and any other act necessary to carry out the Moon’s Eye scheme. As a result, he devised a plan to forcibly remove Kurama from Kushina to use him to destroy the Leaf. He also attempted to kill Naruto but was unsuccessful because he underestimated Minato and Kushina’s abilities. He recruited Itachi and took part in the murder of the Uchiha clan.

His skills were extremely effective thanks to Zetsu’s chakra reserve enhancements, his Sharingan and Rinnegan, and Madara’s ninjutsu training. He engaged in a draw with the Third, Fourth, and Second Hokage by assuming the identity of the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki.

Once convinced to aid the Shinobi allies, Obito gave his life to protect Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto from Kaguya. When his curse of hatred was broken, Obito was finally able to join Rin in the afterlife.

Kisame Hoshigaki (5) (32 Years)

The Skeptical Shark After killing his tutor Fuguki after learning that he was selling information to nearby villages, Kisame Hoshigaki lost faith in humanity. Kisame thought the “World of Truth” in Moon’s Eye’s premise was perfect. He and Itachi initially didn’t get along well, but they eventually worked together to capture Naruto.

Kisame relishes engaging in combat, exhibiting a desire to mutilate, and employing extremely violent aquatic techniques like swift sharks and vast quantities of water. His blade, Samehada, could ingest chakra. He merged with it as well, evolving into a full-fledged shark. He was also incredibly strong physically, which he exploited to defeat Guy and even Asuma.

None of this ultimately aided him. Kisame was vanquished by Might Guy, and the shark man committed suicide by being swallowed by his sharks to avoid being interrogated.

Sasori 4) (35 Years)

The sadistic former sand puppet master Sasori worked with Orochimaru and later Deidara while he was employed by Akatsuki. He was well known for creating human puppets as a coping mechanism for the loneliness he had experienced when he was a little child.

Additionally, Sasori killed the Third Kazekage and dismembered his body to create a puppet. After a fight with Konan, which he lost, and after joining up, he was admitted into the Akatsuki.

Sasori summoned well over 200 puppets to try to kill Sakura and Chiyo. His puppetry was cruel, nihilistic, and impatient. Because of his skill with chakra threads, Sasori was a true puppet master who could control real people like puppets across a wide range. The puppets’ arsenal included blades, flamethrowers, poison spitters, and other items. He even took down a small nation with them all!

Despite all of this and having a high level of intelligence, Chiyo and Sakura killed him. He was killed and contained by Kankuro and Sai after being raised from the dead. In return, he provided Kankuro with puppets of his parents to be passed down to other generations.

Konan and Nagato 3) (35 Years)

Konan and Nagato were the sole surviving members of the original Akatsuki at the time of Naruto Shippuden. At that point, Yahiko passed away, and Nagato lost the use of his legs.

They both played a crucial role in the creation of Akatsuki. Konan kept an eye on the members and maintained the peace while Nagato was in charge. She obediently carried out Nagato’s orders without questioning them, realizing that Tobi’s orders to kidnap Kurama were a suicide mission.

Konan utilized her paper ninjutsu to almost kill Obito by opening up into the lake of the Hidden Rain and detonating over 600 billion explosive tags. Nagato, meanwhile, used the Six Paths of Pain to overcome foes like Jiraya and even outlive Kazuki.

They completely changed the world, and they deserved better than to be ignored by a villain with a more ambitious plan.

Kazuku two (91 Years)

Hidan’s partner in the “Zombie Combo,” Kakuzu, was an even worse monster than Hidan.

Kazuki killed his village elders after they harshly reprimanded him and stole their hearts after they discovered him trying to kill the First Hokage. Sasori, a strange Frankenstein Monster of parts, pieced together masks and organs to power himself.

He could catch Choji’s stronger arms and intercept Kakashi with ease. To assault a foe while posing as a massive octopus, he could even pull his body apart with enormous threads, causing rocks to break under the force of his blows.

Kazuki had at least five hearts when Naruto and the Asuma team were fighting him, hence it took at least five deaths for him to pass away. He could also emit fire, wind, lightning, and water due to the numerous chakra natures sewn into his masks.

He was also a thief who added to his income by stealing from bounties and side jobs. Both Kazuki and Hidan hated one another. After attempting to assassinate Naruto Uzumaki and having his final heart crushed by a Rasenshuriken, Kazuki was ultimately put to death by Kakashi’s Lightning Blade.

1) Zetsu (Ancient Zetsu)

The ancient Zetsu is older than everyone else because he isn’t entirely human; Kaguya created him before the events of Naruto to carry out her goals. He has therefore perverted everything from the beginning.

Indra was influenced by Zetsu throughout, much like Reverse Flash of DC, changing the Uchiha stone tablet and forcing Madara to face the First Hokage. Zetsu even changed the Uchiha stone tablet and forced Madara to face the First Hokage. It is long enough to avoid being split in half and has intangibility and wood release.

Furthermore, it always kept prospective partners in the dark while maintaining a pleasant manner. All of this was done for Kaguya, who would also seal the bargain. All that bloodshed, suffering, and deception is simply to be sealed forever.

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