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Naruto’s Ren Most Surprising Characters

Naruto’s Ren

A well-known manga and anime series that has been around for a while is called Naruto. The show has introduced a lot of characters throughout its existence, and many of which are essential to the plot.

Some of the characters adhered to their identities and traits, while others surprised the audience.

Some people’s temperaments were unexpected, while others’ fighting styles were even more so. Let’s look at some of the most unexpected characters from the series.

The author’s ideas are what the list is built on, therefore take note that it is not in any particular order. Some of the most unexpected characters from the Naruto series

first Kakashi

The Copy Ninja developed a bit of a reputation thanks to the Sharingan and his ease in duplicating jutsus. He is exceptionally shrewd when it comes to fighting and thoroughly considers the circumstance before engaging.

He also doesn’t mind deviating from the norm when engaging in combat with other characters, which makes him unpredictable in some encounters.

Naruto 2

To begin with, Naruto isn’t a very intelligent character. There are, however, a few particular circumstances where he makes wise decisions that are unexpected.

His choice of Jutsu during the match versus Kaguya Otsutsuki also caught the attention of the crowd. He used the reverse Harem Jutsu to beat her while working with his teammates.

3) Danzo

Nobody knew Danzo was the brains behind a disastrous event that occurred in the series he had planned. One of the most horrific deeds he committed was the Uchiha Massacre.

He also oversaw the Root organization, where he developed some of the world’s most ruthless killers through shinobi training. He was constantly plotting and coming up with terribly brutal ideas, which he would defend by saying were best for Konohagakure.

Orochimaru 4)

One of the series’ most cunning and evil antagonists was Orochimaru. He, too, was constantly looking for new ways to increase his authority, usually killing a few people in the process.

He searched for a vessel throughout the series, messing up the chunin exams and even invading Konoha. Being a master of trickery, Orochimaru achieved a lot of surprising things.

Kabuto 5)

Following in his master’s footsteps, Kabuto always appeared to be getting into mischief. He too committed a lot of murders and frequently supplied Orochimaru with test subjects.

One of the most unexpected things Sage Mode accomplished was his mastery. Few individuals could accomplish this, and it showed his complete shinobi potential. One of the most unappreciated characters in the series is Kabuto.

Tobirama (6)

The Uchihas avoided Tobirama since he was a powerful shinobi. Tobirama felt the same way about them. Madara had never been certain of his strategy for handling the Uchiha family.

Tobirama was also a talented inventor who came up with some of the most difficult jutsus, like the Flying Raijin and Edo Tensei. Nobody knew what he would do when he appeared on TV, especially during a conflict.

Hiruzen 7)

Hiruzen was known as the God of Shinobi due to his prowess in jutsus and overall strength. Fans were continually interested in his skills because he didn’t truly demonstrate them throughout the series.

He surprised people in that way since they were unaware of the strategies he may use in a conflict from his arsenal of techniques.

8) Before One Tail was taken from Gaara Gaara, he was very erratic and unpredictable. Gaara would regularly let Shukaku take control of his body, which would lead to him acting out uncontrollably.

The fact that he was present throughout the chunin testing was particularly unsettling because he seemed to be a psychopath with a voracious appetite for blood. He eliminated every obstacle in his path and was about to eliminate Rock Lee as well.

9) Tobi Before it being revealed that he was Obito, Tobi seemed to be a bit unstable during the series. He may be laughing at a joke one second and murdering someone brutally the next.

Nobody could guess what Tobi would do next since he was constantly unpredictable. He also occasionally cracked jokes during the series because his interactions with the other Akatsuki members were quite entertaining.

Sasuke (10)

Sasuke’s sides changed considerably, yet his acts may have been influenced by the situation. He initially sided with Orochimaru but later decided to betray him. He also came dangerously near to killing Sakura twice before marrying her and saving Naruto from the Infinite Tsukuyomi. In this aspect, Sasuke was incredibly unexpected throughout the entire series.

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