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Netizens Support Mads Lewis As She Responds To Tayler Holder Charges


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Due to new evidence and accusations against Tayler Holder from TikToker Mads Lewis, the Tayler Holder saga does not appear to be coming to a close.

She finally addressed the allegations after many people started to think Mads Lewis was a victim of Tayler’s “s*x**l attack.” Lewis spoke about the allegations on a recent episode of the BFFs podcast with Bri Chickenfry, Dave Portnoy, and Josh Richards. Mads Lewis has a devoted following that has grown since the podcast’s introduction on YouTube. Another user pleaded for Mads to come back, writing:

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Mads talked about Charly Jordan, the influencer who has dated Tayler on and off throughout the program. After what happened the previous year, Mads expressed her consternation over Jordan and Holder getting back together. Also claiming that she believes all of Tayler’s charges are true, Mads Lewis made the implication that she was a victim of Holder’s sexual assault. She remarked:

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Lewis responded, “certainly,” when Portnoy asked if this meant that all of her accusations against Holder were valid. She added that Holder had not written her a letter demanding she ceases and desists. Mads noticed:

Furthermore, you cannot email or text the victim a stop and desist when there is only one person and there are “victims.” You are not allowed to do that. I’m only saying that I didn’t receive a cease-and-desist letter.

As soon as the program aired, Lewis’ supporters started to grow on social media. She was allegedly one of the influencers Tayler Holder assaulted, according to some, and one Twitter user wrote:

“I was talking about Mads Lewis, but she did have something happen to her, and she informed us that Tayler Holder SA’d her,” the speaker said.

At the same time, Mads is receiving a lot of love and support in the podcast’s YouTube comment section. A number of the accusations made against Tayler Holder have already elicited strong responses. The situation worsened when Daniel Keemstar, the host of YouTube’s Drama Alert, said that Holder was the target of “horrendous” accusations from sources.

Tayler Holder will be subject to serious allegations from multiple claimed victims, a credible source has reported. The #DramaAlert team is gathering data at the moment. I wouldn’t typically tweet this much right now. Taylor acknowledged that accusations were leveled at BFFs, nonetheless.

Tayler did not deny any of the allegations while stating on a BFFs podcast episode that he is handling the matter offline.

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