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Nisha Noor- Wiki, Husband, Height, Career, Death

Nisha Noor

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On September 18, 1962, Nisha Noor, an Indian actress, was born. She was 44 years old. She continued to be active in the South’s film industry throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Nisha played prominent roles in several well-known movies in the 1980s. She was a young, attractive, and talented actress. She even had the chance to work alongside Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan, two well-known actors.

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Nisha Noor’s Early Years & Age

On September 18, 1962, Nisha was born in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu. She passed away at Chennai’s Tambaran Hospital, where she had also drawn her final breath. Just before she died in 2007, she was shut off from the media in 1995.

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Nobody saw her again until she was found in a critical condition outside a DARGAH (a holy place) in Tambaran, Chennai, on the day she passed away. Never is Nisha’s educational history revealed in the media. However, it makes sense that Nisha Noor is a graduate given that she has acted in numerous Malayalam and Tamil movies.

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Height and weight of Nisha Noor

She is a gorgeous girl with great body measurements and a really good personality. Nisha Noor is around 45 kg tall and 5 feet 5 inches wide. She is in good health and has a lovely body figure. She has black eyes and black hair.


Nisha never signed a contract with a TV show production company and only ever worked in movies. She made her acting debut in 1980’s Mangal Nayagi, a Tamil movie.

A Malayalam movie called Chuvappu Naada was released in 1990. She earns affluence and luxury in her life during the 1980s and gained notoriety among the general public.

Famous filmmakers like Visu, K Balachander, and Chandrashekar were among the collaborators she had. The Malayalam movie Mimics Action 500 was Nisha Noor’s most recent theatrical release (1995).

Died Nisha Noor

The aforesaid tragedy ruined Nisha’s blooming life. She entered the prostitution industry. Nisha quit her job after receiving rejection letters from every director and actor she applied to work with. It is alleged that she continued to live after 1995 by engaging in prostitution. She was surprised that no one wanted to collaborate with her.

The financial circumstances of Nisha Noor deteriorated, and she spent her final days in squalor. She had to work hard to meet her fundamental survival needs.

We don’t have any evidence, though, as to why she stopped looking for work. and how she handled conditions like AIDS. However, her involvement in prostitution and passing away from AIDS became hot topics in the media in 2007.

On the last day of her life, she was found dozing off near a Dargah (a revered shrine) in Chennai. As those around her observed Nisha, her condition deteriorated as worms and insects crept all over her body. The entire body of Nisha appeared to be a skeleton. She wasn’t known as a famous actress at the time.

Nisha Noor was identified as actress Nisha Noor after she was taken to the hospital by police and members of the Tamil NGO (Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam). She had AIDS, which was determined by doctors. A hospital, she passed away on April 23, 2007. According to reports, she was unaware that she had AIDS.

Who is the husband of Nisha Noor?

Only Nisha perished. She never got married. At the time of her passing, she was not married. She fell prey to the casting couch and found herself in the prostitution business. She was coerced into a horrific prostitution industry by one of the movie’s producers.

No actor or director was interested in working with her after it became known that she had been a covert prostitute. She lost contact with the entertainment industry and never developed a meaningful relationship with a man.

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