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One Week After Marrying Troy Dendekker, Her Husband Passed Away

Troy Dendekker

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Troy Dendekker is the late American musician and guitarist Bradley Nowell, who fronted the ska-punk band Sublime. Since Nowell’s death, Troy has been extensively known in the media as his widow. She has also been carrying on the band’s legacy from the 1990s due to the identification and recognition she received as the singer’s wife.

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She has really proposed a documentary about the journey of Sublime, both with and without Nowell. In addition, as a result of her husband’s heroin overdose death, she conducts drug addiction awareness campaigns.

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Dendekker is a mother who appears to be living a joyful life in the present, despite the aforementioned circumstances. In this post, we will investigate all of her unknown details.

Age and Early life of Troy Dendekker

Regarding Troy’s childhood, she was born on March 8, 1971, to parents David Newton and Robin Newton. She is not the only child of her parents; she has a deceased sibling named Draak.

Bradley Nowell was married to Troy Dendekker

As noted previously, Troy Dendekker is the widow of Sublime’s late guitarist and lead singer, Bradley Nowell. The couple supposedly began dating in the early 1990s while Nowell was on one of his tours, however, it is unknown how they met.

Dendekker fell pregnant for the first time in October 1994, shortly after the beginning of their romantic connection. She gave birth to her only child with Jakob James Nowell on June 25, 1995.

A year after the birth of their son, the couple decided to get married. On June 25, 1995, Troy married her longtime boyfriend Bradley. In front of close family and friends, a stunning Hawaiian-themed wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas.

One week after marrying Troy Dendekker, her husband passed away

Things between the two were going well until tragedy struck. Bradley overdosed on heroin on May 25, 2016, exactly one week after their wedding.

Nowell and his bandmates were staying at the Ocean View Motel in San Francisco when the incident occurred. One of the band members, Bud Gaugh, awoke to discover Bradley dead in the bed next to him. Even though paramedics were called, Gaugh was pronounced dead on the scene and had died some hours prior.

Earlier that morning, Bradley reportedly attempted to wake up his bandmates so they could go to the beach, but they were too hungover to go. After he was cremated, his ashes were scattered over his favorite surfing place in Surfside, California.

Troy Dendekker, who was 26 at the time, spoke with tears running down her face about his husband’s death days later.

“I was initially furious. I desired his presence so I could yell at him.”

Troy Dendekker Still Loves Her Late Husband

It is tough to forget someone close to you, especially if you adore that person. The same is true for Troy, who lost her long-term partner and husband within a week after their wedding.

It appears that her recollections of her time with him continue to haunt her. He believes that Troy still has the same sentiments for him after more than two decades.

The 49-year-continued old’s posting of images of herself with Bradley on social media reveals her feelings for him. On September 5, 2020, Troy posted a wonderful snapshot of herself with Bradley with the message “Hi Bradley.”

She has also published a lot of posts over the years.

Her Second Wedding Partner Was Kiki Holmes

A few years after the death of her first husband, Troy remarried Kiki Holmes, alias Keith Holmes. On November 1, 2002, the pair tied the knot. The pair were married for greater than 15 years.

In October 2016, Kiki shared a snapshot of his marriage certificate to commemorate 14 years of marriage. In the description of his now-deleted Instagram image, he stated,

The woman I adore and I have been together for four years. It feels like 36 years, haha! I admire my wife and all that we have accomplished together. #onlylove

Likewise, on the occasion of their 15th wedding anniversary, Troy’s second spouse Kiki uploaded a video clip containing wedding images. The post has now been removed, though.

Despite their closeness and affection for one another, the ex-spouse and ex-husband are no longer together. According to court documents, the divorce petition was filed on July 25, 2018. As of yet, it is unknown whether or not their divorce has been formalized.

Troy and her second husband are the parents of three children.

In addition to Jakob, born from Troy’s first marriage, she has three further children. Three children were born to her during her 16-year marriage to Kiki: Rudy, Mary, and Michael. Unfortunately, she has not disclosed the name of her daughter’s third kid.

She routinely uploads images of her children on social media and has an excellent relationship with each of them. On the occasion of Jakob’s 25th birthday, she even uploaded a snapshot of her three children.

Social Media

Troy devotes a significant amount of time to social media, notably Instagram and Facebook. As of 2021, she has roughly 13.5k Instagram followers under the moniker Mama Troy. Similarly, she has a Facebook profile that she regrettably has set to private.

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