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Matt Stonie and Girlfriend Mei’s Relationship Details

Matt Stonie

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The girlfriend of Matt Stonie, Mei, is upfront about their connection and tiny family. Particularly on Instagram, the celebrity’s private life is extensively disclosed. On Instagram, Mei has a featured stories folder named M&M that includes a lot of pictures.

In the aforementioned highlight folder, there are multiple images of them hanging out together, including one on a rollercoaster.

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The image, which was shared on August 30, 2019, showed that they had been dating for more than 5 years at the time. Matt was pointed out by the other end of a doodled pointer, which stated, “5.5 years with this guy.”

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Matt Stonie Salary

By December 2022, Matt Stonie’s net worth was estimated to be $700,000.

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The Realness Has Been Revealed

Like many famous people, Matt Stonie had kept his personal and business lives apart. The online star had never discussed marriage or relationships, and she had always shied away from questions about it. Mei hasn’t formally declared his relationship status on YouTube, but the information was exposed on his Instagram account.

Mei made the formal announcement that their first communication took place five years and two days ago on Valentine’s Day 2019 via Instagram.

Similarly, one of her friends said, “still amazing to know your bf is Matt Stonie lol,” in response to a photo she posted on Instagram of the competitive eater.
She said, “Yeah, little world,” indicating their connection.

A second Instagram post by Mei, from April 26, 2017, has a picture of them along with the message “3.5 years strong #happyanniversary.” In another post from her account, Mei was shown spending Christmas with Matt’s family. The caption for the photo stated, “Christmas with the Stonies.”

The fact that both parties seem comfortable with one another shows that Matt’s parents have been aware of their connection for some time. However, the YouTuber has not disclosed any information about his committed relationship, suggesting that he would rather keep his personal life a secret.

Ironically, we can hear a girl conversing in the background of his most recent YouTube video. The camera operator for Matt’s YouTube videos is probably Mei, who posts images of him and his crew working behind the scenes on his Instagram.

Despite the fact that they have kept their relationship a secret for so long, it seems to have potential. They are described as a family of four by the YouTuber’s current girlfriend, Mei, who also includes their two dogs, Gray and Goma.

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